Friday, February 18, 2005


Last nite in a pure moment of Bliss I got to see the play that I have been dying to see for the past three years. The last time I saw this play was 2001 in New York and l ordered the CD last year and waited over 2 months for it two arrive. I am sure that my flatmate is glad that I saw it because the CD player can now get a rest from it. So when I arrived 1 1/2 hours early to buy tickets - I just sat down and studied and I totally didn't mind waiting even though the staff kept telling me that I was way toooo early for tickets.

Tick...Tick..Boom is one of the few plays that I can probably just jump on stage and perform the whole thing without blinking - however I heard myself singing the other day for the first time and I am horrendous! My voice is absolutey soooo bad that it can't belive such evil can't exist in a mortal's throat. Singing is definitely not a gift and I admire those that do it.

Another note on seeing plays that you admire is that you can find flaws in it soooo easily - after my brief stint with Theatre in highschool and beyond - I realize when a cue has been missed and when a set stinks. Crap have to go ...going to be late for the office...

Catch you all again...tick...tick...boom!!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A recap of last week - buddhism meditation technique

In my quest to purify my life, I attempted to write down all my thoughts of the day that were sinful. The question that I found myself asking through out the day was "What is sinful' What should be classified as sinful? Well i decided to take the seven sins that were found in the Bible and add a couple more that I thought were important. I found out during the day that I have become a person that I don't like. It was so hard that when I attempted it the second day I got so frustrated with myself that I quit the whole process. Will write more later. Listening to the "Stars" and it's putting me a mellow mode before an exam.

To all be peace, even to those that don't wish it.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

This is very hard...

It's been 4 hours of writing down my thoughts and this is very very hard....

A thoughtful day

As the day begins, I decided to write down everytime I get the urge to sin or sin. It's a technique I learnt in meditation classes in India.

I will write a little report on how everything went tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I am not a big fan of the tv black box because on Tv today there is nothing really good to watch. I rather be living in reality than watching reality television, sports -seems to be like a soap opera these days as there is more action before and after the game than during it - news - well news can be pretty much twisted, boring, depressing and just false. The only show that has been constant in my life for the past couple years is Fox "24" I was hooked when I stumbled onto a script a couple months before the series aired and well I was still hooked on Figgis "Time Code" and the aberrant, obscure "Hotel". I was hooked line and sinkered for something different- for the past four years 24 has hooked it's claws into me. The pinnacle of watching the show was acheived last Monday as the infectiouness of it got a couple of my friends together we cooked dinner, drank wine, lit candles and discussed the inner workings of 24 which eventually went straight to politics - which I got clobbered on and had to shrink in a corner.... Anyway TV united us in a bizarre way as we spent three hours preparing to watch this one hour show. Ah!!! the madness of it all.