Monday, April 25, 2005

A new day

What is up with this rain? In windsor yesterday it was snowing and rumour has it that the snow is heading to Toronto. Last week it was 25 degrees now we have the possibility of snow - is this normal? Or have we really screwed up the planet.


I have been away from this post for the past couple months and well when you start delaying things it just gets worse.

From March I did a couple interesting things:

Tech Fast in Tobago: One of my mates and I hitchiked around Tobago for 4 days. Sleeping, cooking and playing on the beach, it was alot of fun but it was even crazy to go without email for 4 days! By day three I was freaking out and then the ultimate temptation hit us, as I was walking up a hill on this perfect blue carribean beach in this small fishing village I turned to the right and there it was a 2 imacs starting right back at me! A little carribean internet cafe right on the beach. Damn.

Will post some more stories later. It's 9am and I should be going to get my Visa for India.