Saturday, June 25, 2005

In Portage la...

I arrived in Portage on Thursday afternoon and by Friday afternoon I rented a house, opened a bank account, purchased up all the amenities - phone, internet, utilities etc AND got most of the basic furniture and food.

This job was sooooo made for me.

The best news is that the local charity shop had a one year 75% off sale yesterday and it was just the best timing in the world. I got all the basic needs for the kitchen + some really funky furniture for under $80. My place looks awesome, almost as good as toronto. I miss the advice of my old flatmate Tom - he had style.

Speak to you all soon when internet gets connected to my pad.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

In winnipeg and sharing a poem

Got into winnipeg this morning and I already like this city. My friend greeted me at the airport, and we drove through some of the art areas and visited a really nice cafe. I loved it. I will be spending most of my time off here for sure.

On a sad note, I overslept and missed my friends dance show...but I was glad to get some much needed R and R today before i start work tomorrow.

During my training in Montreal last week I did a poetry workshop which really changed my life. I was able to find a way to express some of the hidden feelings that I have had in the past couple weeks in the form of poetry. It was really scarry and I wanted to stop, but it was the challenge and the nuturing community that kept me going.[Thanks Mike, Laura and Bequie]
The exercise involved the use of random words being thrown together with fast writing. This poem was written in less than 2 minutes, literally off the top of my head.

I don't write poetry - and if you know me some of my best mates are gay. If you really want to know my headspace then read my blog during the "fun" months of May.

Crazy Naked

Aids makes me nervous in a happy way,
who subtracts death from life with no conflict, no conscious, no guilt
it ranks on my all time low -
for who immigrates with Aids in a never ending lawless country with
God for an anarchist and fags as the devil.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

youth hostel montreal

so training finished yesterday and i spent the rest of the night hanging with friends in montreal. a really beautiful city...the people are much more livelier here than in toronto and a good beer selection to tout! i really enjoyed the training and it was really amazing to spend time with such wonderful people.

now back to toronto for some inida meetings, catch up with some friends and some even better beer.


i love hostel internet stations they are so awkard to type on

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hey all,

Sorry for the late blog, In Orford, Montreal for training and therer is no email service. So I had to borrow the computer office.
Well it`s really really nice here, if you have never been you should Google Orford and check it out.

Have to go..can`t wait to be back near email and my mobile phone.

Wait I really like it here the people are all like me and the training is amazing. I really feel like I am in a slice of heaven.


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Going to Montreal....and transition

I thought this year my brit favourite album would be Bloc Party's Silent Alarm but after hearing Coldplay's X and Y there simply is no contest. Track 4 is just incredible and it's sort of been a healing song for me. Yesterday I went for a walk in the park listening to the album and the transition from culture to culture is becoming easier.

However I still have questions.

I don't know if there will ever be an answer but life moves on...and I have to move with it.

I am leaving in 2 hours for a train ride to Montreal for some training for my new job. I am really excited because our supervisors from all across Canada will be joining me in Orford for a week.

Can't wait for the woods, the people and some good camp food. oh yeah and frisbee...


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Coldplay album...

The new coldplay album is awesome! I can't believe it came out in time with the's such a good summer album!!!!!!!! I almost walked into traffic today it was sooo good.

Book: Alchemy of Desire - will update you all on it.

Back in Toronto

After a 30 hr travel from Kolkata, I am back in Toronto. I have to admit that the weather in Toronto is really nice, everyone is wearing bright clothes and it's good to drink Canadian beer. I have been in training in Toronto for a new job that I just started and it's really amazing to be in the same room as people who are like minded - it's really awesome.

I have a couple days off next week and I am going to use it to reflect on my time in Kolkata. India this year really stretched me, it was really hard. In some ways I wish I never went... because I am really pyschologically messed up and physically tired. Only time will tell on the lessons I learnt...

It's also good to start blogging some more...way more to come...


Friday, June 03, 2005

Back from Darjeeling

Calcutta feels like home, I am simply blessed to be in this city. It's a hard place for me to serve because I am currently learning new things all the time about myself. I am going back to Kalighat today to serve for the last time this year and I know it will be hard. I hope my friend "number 38" is alive but that is a selfish hope, because it's something I want. What I should really hope for is that he is gone to heaven where he wanted to go...I think he is Hindu so I don't know what heaven is like for him...

Anyway its my last day in calcutta before I fly back to Toronto and I want to say goodbye to the friends I meet here...actually with me it's not goodbye but instead "see ya later"...