Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blogs i am tired of them and bad pics...

I got an email from a friend yesterday and it rang some warning bells in me. If some of my friends don't here from me in a while they really start to wonder "whereintheworldisjam?".

To make this seem short: I have been in Portage and really don't plan on leaving here for quite a while except for some training and camping in Toronto next week.

What I have been upset about is some of blogs that I read from a recent travelling trip. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that's why blogs rule the world. But a couple weeks ago I saw a group photo of an acquaintance and some homeless people on a blog. He's on a trip that I am consulting and we have some pretty strict rules on photography.

The photo was just crude. It's him pointing to a homeless kid and making a sad face, then he had a series of photo's holding various street kids.

This really made me upset and in three weeks I have pretty much calmed down.

I know some of those street kids from the past two years and they are just pimps for money, foreigners buy them food so business people in the area like to keep them around. They are good for the economy. In May I spent almost every nite out on the chai stand drinking and chatting with people from Kolkata. The look on a locals face as they see a foreigner playing with a child is one of disgust, taking a picture is even worse. One group went even further and took their video camera into the ghetto and videotaped the area, that even they brought it back to the chai stand and spent hours showing how "brave" they were to the other volunteers. They spent more time talking about their trip than acutally doing it. They also never spent anytime helping the people in that ghetto.

It felt that they were abusing the poor and the locals agreed with me.

I think their is ignorance and abuse that comes from taking someone's picture incorrectly. This pitcture had no genuine heart and it's so insulting to the people in India.

Take it as you wish...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Just got invited by Oxfam to help with the Make Trade Fair campaign at their concert in Toronto....and I can't go!!!

Will still be in Portage, Manitoba for work...doh!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

free love on the freelove freeway + oldboy - oh sooooooooo disturbing

I randomly downloaded this song of the net and it's soooo funny....

It has to be my favourite episode from the bbc's tv series "the office". I crack up anytime somebody mentions it...

So what I am listening to right now and some films I saw last week:

Arcade fire, Postal service, Random songs from the live 8 concert, fascade@137db, bebel gilberto and of course some new coldplay.

Anil's Ghost by Michael Ondaatje - it's about Sri Lanka so I thought it might be revelant to my work

Five point someone - a random book I picked up in Kolkata airport and its really funny


Old Boy: I saw this movie sometime last week and well I shiver everytime I think about it...This movie is the peak of filmaking at it's best. The theme is about revenge and it seriously kicks some ass - No kill bill, sith, man on fire or smurfs allowed anywhere near this film. I love when a film disturbs me on such a deep level like this and it makes my head spin around for day and days on end.

Best part: Oh Daesu actually eats it's a live octupus and passes out...I have a stomach for those things but I was ready to walk out of the cinema. I partially wish I did.

Check out the film @ http://films.tartanfilmsusa.com/oldboy/


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Citizen of the Year" + more hitchhikers

I picked up a couple of hitchhikers the other day on the way back from Winnipeg and well lo and behold they were from Toronto. So they came over to my place had some tea and we chatted for a bit. I figured there would be at least five degrees of seperation between them and me but no - in a couple minutes after meeting they new a really really good friend - the all mighty Mr. Easton and an old camper/staff. I realized after this meeting that it pays to be good to everyone you know.

I love my job, it's soooooooooooooooooooo much fun and I get to meet interesting people. I spent about 5 hours today chatting and connecting with people from Portage. On Canada day, I volunteered at the kids zone in the community and really enjoyed myself, it was fun working with children - the simplicty of it all is quite amazing. A picnic bench, the lake, tall trees, some paint, cute kids and wondeful parents. I worked with this amazing women who introduced me to everyone in the community and I found out later that she was "Citizen of the Year"

I never knew they ever had citizen of the year. I thought it was a myth. wow.

I was really honoured to be working with such a humble and honest women. She always had a smile on her face and was constantly busy helping everyone. Today she was amazing, she somehow managed to track my phone number through someone at CityHall and had someone from their call me to donate furniture for my empty place. I was so moved, I was speechless.

She truly is "Citizen of the Year"

I love having people I could look up to...

Peace from the prairies

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Otesha + group of bikers in my house

I love having a big house. I have a key underneath the mat and I always tell folks and friends to come on in make a sandwich, take a nap and we might eventually bump into each other.
So my Manitoba buddy Bequie phoned me a couple nites ago and told me that some cross country cyclist needed a place to sleep. I immediately said "yes" then I found out it was 15 people +

Shit. I love testing my ability to host 15 eco bikers and juggle a bit of work.

The group "Otesha" can be best summed up as some hard core eco's that really love this planet. Some of the niciest cyclist I ever met and they really live out what they preach.

Website is:

If they are in your hood you should definitely give them a place to crash.


Back on the internet

It's weird not being connected to the internet. I can't do my job, can't stay in contact with some of my friends and well I can't even update my blog. The service provider MTS was suppose to install internet and a phone last week but messed up big time, however they were really nice and gave me free dial-up for the month until they install a phone line in my house.

Now I can surf the internet and I really appreciate the power of high speed, even though I love the crazy creaky noise of an ISP connection...