Sunday, September 25, 2005

Highlights from the past week...

My team and I got invited to attend a coffee house and we all found out that it was a 2hr country music concert....

One community member said to me "When I met you I knew that you are a nice guy, but c'mon with 9/11 and all that I wasn't quite sure if you were okay..."

MEC is out of frisbee's here in winnipeg....for the next three weeks... :>

Some members of my team have lice....

On a very good note - I LOVE this job! It's sooooooooooo much fun - should one really be paid to have this much fun? I know that I have put 16-18 hr days since the 7th of Sept but it's soooooo much fun.....


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm back!

After 12 days of almost no contact with the real world -and on my return I have found out that the world is a better place....

George W. Bush has actually apologized on behalf of his government for the Katrina response.
Ralph Klien is ACTUALLY giving $400 back to every man, woman and child because of oil prices.
Americans finally want to leave America and will pay 134billion to get off their ass and on too the moon. Where they can finally find some WMD.

My grass is cut....

AND my new stranded alone in the desert ipod station is slowly arriving in the mail. I will tell you more about it when all the pieces finally arrive.


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Away from it a while

I am going to be away for the next week and a bit to co-ordinate some training for my job.

No internet, no phone and no contact with the outside world. Going to love it!

On another side note: Tonite I went to a backyard community bonfire - it's so amazing that people just mutually get together for a drink, a roast and laugh. All good clean fun. Plus watching the moving and colourful Aurora Borealis is always a plus in these rural parts of Manitoba.

Have a good week and I hope the world becomes a better place on my return.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Manitoba Hydro

I live alone in....
a small four bedroom house
a small rural town
a 24hr on call ridiculously fun job
a lonely world for someone like me.

With nobody to share any reponsibilites with...if I am not there to do it, it simply doesn't get done... I missed recycling day 3 times in a row because I have been away and so my green box is now covered with soy boxes instead.....

On a similar note.

I spent the last two days in the nearby town of Brandon getting my first aid certificate and planning an orientation camp for work. On my arrival home I spotted a note on my door saying that the Hydro has been turned off...
I walked into my house and immediately grabbed the phone to recitfy the situation only to find that my cordless phone needs power, my laptop is still dead after staring at for 5 minutes and...this just gets better... almost all the food in my fridge has gone bad.

After minutes of phoning everyone connected with Manitoba Hydro and being transferred to every town in Manitoba [while my cell phone battery is dying] my friend told me that the company was located 5 minutes down the road. After a mad dash and a short discussion - it seemed that the last tenant in my haunted house didn't pay the hydro bill so they decided to cut it off. They apologized for the inconvience and I was told to go wait in my house for a couple hours until a worker came to reconnect me.

That was only 1/4 of my day and it seems to be getting worse and more fun by the hour.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Another Random Trip + Mike from Regina!

A desert in rural Manitoba.
Spruce Woods

With three visitors in the past week from Toronto my life has been very busy.
The most recent one was my friend RJ. RJ is an urban planner from Toronto who now works for the big evil corporations :> and he was really interested in seeing the historical parts of Winnipeg and Manitoba. So this is what an average day looked liked:

Spruce Woods Provincial Park - 4 1/2 hr trek - a desert! I love deserts!
Lunch in Brandon - 2hrs
Camping at Riding Mountain National Park - TRUE STORY at 4:ooam
"RJ did you hear that"
"That rumbling did you hear that?"
"Oh - that's my stomach - I'm a bit hungry"
long silence - then a loud snap
"Then what was that?"
"I don't know maybe a bear, their was a sign out there warning us about bears..."
"Maybe it's not a bear - let's just go to sleep"
Another long silence
"RJ what do bears like?"
"What do you mean?"
"What do they like to eat?"
"Do they like pepper mints?"
"Of course they like pepper mints they go for the leaves all the time..."
"I have some pepper mints in my..."
"In my jacket that I am using for a pillow..."

We made a mad dash for the car and spent the rest of nite sleeping in my vehicle of mass destruction. With no traces of bear in sight the next morning.

Drove to Minnedosa
Breakfast in Dauphin
Quick layover in Yorkton
Regina Bi-Centennial Celebration + City Tour
Bumped into Regina Mike! Seriously what are the odds especially when I posted about him last week.
Bushwakkers - 15 Beer Sampler + their new exotic Centennial Beer -soooooooo good.
Drove back to Portage
40hr trip and I was totally exhausted...tooo much driving

I must know by every significant and useless history of every building in winnipeg....tooo many tours. Thanks RJ - you are the man!

Listening: Adam's Curry Daily Source Code

Thursday, September 01, 2005

"The Alchemist" + Regina Folk Festival

One of my mates gave me a call from Regina last nite to thank me for lending him "The Alchemist"
He said the book changed his life and he wrote a review on it for his magazine. I still can't believe that a book that I got in India for $3 has now travelled all the way to the prairies and has been reviewed by a major Cdn magazine. That whole process of globilization really scares and excites me.

On another note my friend was disappointed that I missed him in Regina last week.

Even more disappointed that I didn't see him taking pictures of Sarah Harmer on stage for his magazine. I told him I was sorry for not spotting him - but I was mesmerized by Mr[s]? Harmer... It sucks though as he spent the whole weekend hangin out with all the musicians and it would have been nice to share a laugh with The Weakertons as I hear they are a bunch of good folk.

And was he even more disappointed that I did a random road trip to the big muddy last week- since he is heading there this weekend for a dig and he would have love the company...

Ah! Too many paths not enough single lane roads.


Listening to:
CBC Podcast Episode #15 [there are no strikes in the podcast world :>]
Controller Controller - History.
The lead singer Nirmala is just to hot... and is always doing something really funky...

Good website. Good idea. Good shit.