Monday, October 17, 2005


I sincerely apologize to those in New Zeland, Chile, California, New York, Oxford, London, India, Trini, Malawi and especially my Cdn friends for not answering the phone, not returning emails and especially for not visiting the tdot folks.

This job is encompassing my whole life and I use all my free time to stay away from all forms of communication [ Man I miss those technology fast!] I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I running to it as fast as I can.

On a side note: Saw Feist and Jason Collett in concert last week in the good old peg. Jason gave the best concert ever and he is clearly a clever stage performer. Fiest was really disappointing she had a minor tech problem with her guitar and then somehow lost the will to play, all of her songs were short and way off from anything on her new Cd. Everyone just went home after the concert totally disappointed in her set.

It seemed that half of Broken Social Scene was on stage last week or passing through Winnipeg in the next couple of day...even Apostle of the Hustle was present.

Listening to: Broken Social Scene #7