Tuesday, March 28, 2006

new pics...

So much has been on my mind in the past couple days - SOOOO much. And I will share them later on in the week.

but wanted to point out something important. My slippers are dead.
Sad in Colombo

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Back in Colombo...

Nice to be home - wait this is home? man I need a reality check...

Yesterday I had the most a cool and crazy day - or just a usual " Jam" day...
I was about to enter my hotel when the manager asked me if I wanted a ride to Colombo since I was planning to leave later that day, I did the backpacker move and got everything in order in 4 minutes...

I got into the backseat of his personal car and his driver took us down the rode - in my entire 3 months I have only been in 1 privately owned vehicle in Sri Lanka - this is really unheard for me in this country...wow so amazing

We stopped for lunch, then drove to a really funky cafe called "The gallery" met some of the most wealthiest and influential Sri Lankans I ever met- this guy new everyone and it was quite amazing, then we drove to another extremely luxurious shopping mall called the ODEL - he shopped - I gazed and ate Sushi [again unheard off in Sri Lanka], then he had a late meeting at the Cinnamon Grand - which is the Grandest Hotel in Sri Lanka.

Such bizarre but again cool day to be in that zone for a whole day yesterday - this morning I washed my clothes in the bathroom sink and used my tarp as a bedsheet. Sometimes it's really strange how my life can change... and at this moment right now I enjoy it.

I put some new pics on my website in the Sri Lanka section: ENJOY!

Monday, March 20, 2006

empty spaces

My friend has left yesterday I was all alone... I feel this empty
space. I walked the beach, did some reports and even read a whole book
"Angels and Demons"

Some good news is that one of the girls "Sam" left some clothes which
I grabbed to give away, however I decided to try them on first and wow
- did they ever fit! l know have a good pair of hip jeans and a really
cool brown travel trousers - Thanks Sam. until we meet again!

Today i will move on - have to go to Colombo and meet some people -
must move on


Sunday, March 19, 2006

A very small world:.

So today I am in the south of Sri Lanka - my contract is over and I have taken some time off to think...but as usual my life always have a bizzare story to it...

I am currently with my friend from Oxford and it's been cool to reflect about how our lives has changed in the past year and a half since I have seen her...especially on a peacefully beach...

She is really super cool and has travelled to so many places in the last year that's you can see the maturity that develops with that amount of intense travelling.
Faith has put us together in the same country as she is here travelling with some friends and it was quite bizarre to meet one of her friends Sam.
After talking with Sam for a bit I vaguely remmbered that I did meet her over 2 years ago in a hostel in Varanasi - so random and weird. I remmeber the conversation and it was kinda cool to see her again - I wonder what she thinks of me...

I wonder what I think of me now? - because know I feel like I am up to the same old travelling shit...more about that later...

Peace from the beach

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I love the High Commission!

So yesterday was the team visit to the Canadian High Commission in Sri Lanka. My boss from Canada set up this meeting during her visit in Feb and she did such an awesome job - everything so perfect!

We were first welcomed by the secretary who totally surpised us - with his perfect transition between Sinhala and English. My team was so shocked by his pleasant smile and his friendliness - I was so proud to be Canadian. He was also did this same contract over 20 years ago in Sri Lanka and it was really amazing to hear stories about his experience.

The pool looked awesome, the food was soooo exciting, and the company was perfect. I can't believe I got to eat a hamburger and some real cheese - heck I even drank a coke.

A good day for everyone and again I am so proud to be Canadian.

The world for me seems to be on the up and up recently - or probably because a small part of my work in Sri Lanka is coming to a close.

Peace from Colombo

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

some funny shit...

Yesterday I had the perfect day off - good company, a Kandyan sunset
and some fish and chips. It was a really good time to relax and
actually not think about some of the problems of life and work.

This morning I had a really funny moment...
I was sitting on the toilet having the runs - which I am totally
excited to have because I have been toilet free for the past 4 days.
So excited.

Then the phone rings in my trousers and the number shows the Canadian
High Commission. I answer the phone phone camly while squatting and
carry on a perfect conversation - even I was impressed by my dual

During the conversation I moved the phone from one hand to the other
and reception is totally lost. I try to finish quickly and phone back
but for some reason my bowels keep moving... The phone rings again and
I know have to answer it because it would just be rude not to answer -
especially in mid planning mode with this CIDA Manager.

I ponder what to do while the phone rings - then in one movement I do
a really quick India style washup, grab my trousers, move outside and
answer the phone. It was a great moment.... and my team and I just got
invited to the Canadian High Commission's house for a pool swim and

A good start for the morning.

Peace from Kegalle

Thursday, March 02, 2006

time to breathe :.

It's been 7 years that I have been travelling and building the life that I
have know...
So before I make any decisions about my next step I am going to take...
I decided to take the month of April to travel, meditate and breathe.

I have been offered several other short and long contracts for jobs
varying from apple consulting to summer camps, a short overseas contracts
etc... but I am going to take that time seriously and think about my life and
the person that I have become.

My theory is that life is going to get more challenging and better
everyday - and I need to figure out how to deal with these issues
while being on the road again.
If this happened in Toronto I would have met my friends at a pub
discussed about it - fretted for a day or two and then moved on. It
would have been part of a normal jam week.
Instead I was on the road and the pressures of my job integrated
smoothly with my personal life.

I have built my life to have these things really linked and I need to
figure out a way to deal with these things better, my decisions and
moods affect alot of people in my type of work.

Peace from Kegalle