Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nuit Blanche

It's raining tonite - I hope the weather clears up for the big arts feast that is happening around the city.

My friend and I spent the day together in meetings, improtu lunches and some suprisingly bad Octoberfest beet at the Distillery.  For the first time Mill Street really disappointed me...

Well I am late to head off to a Costa Rican goodbye party - and some all nite Nuit Blanche.



Thursday, September 28, 2006

Amazing pic of Old City Hall

It's 1am - I am in my new apartment - the tram is right outside my window and unbelievable - I love the city noise.
Just browsing through my fave site... and got linked to this pic.

Spacing is an awesome Toronto magazine - this issues are well designed, practical and simple amazing... A job well done.

My Broadview + Queen buttons travelled everywhere with me for the past 2 years. To bad my ttc tickets expired and the transit cost went up 25 cents in that time... :>

Well good the sound of the 501 tram.



I spent the last two days going through every single thing I own
chucking stuff and keeping stuff...

My material life can now fit into 6 boxes and 2 are in storage. About
1/5 of that is books...I am just too much of a nerd for reading and
have a hard time giving them up. I have the same problem when I
travel and I sometimes sacrifice books for clothes and food. It's fun.

I still have alot of my 70's clothes so forgive me - I know the 80's
are in style now - but I still love my clothes and beside the 70's
will never die!!

Well I can't wait to move back down to the Queen East side - it's my
favourite place to live in Toronto and I am trying to do it simple
this time. One backpack and one blankie...

I am soo excited!!!!!
Well off to Overjoy with my mom for her B-day and moving in...


Currently Listening: Grey Album - Dj Dangermouse - It's a mix of the
White Album from the Beatles and the Black Album from Jay Z.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Compassionate people finish last...

I had a meeting yesterday that was very different/encouraging than what I expected and during it my old boss called me a "compassionate" person. So I quickly mumbled back that compassionate people finish last and then held my tongue quickly.  

In my opinion it's true.

Too much compassion was the reason I was sitting down having a 2 hour cup of tea talking about work...being in the position that I was...

Compassionate people don't live - they get killed off by this world and the politics. The big wigs like Ghandi, Kennedys, Martin Luther all get killed off before they can really develop change in the world...and what we are left with it are the remnants that we aspire to be...

Then these new heroes of "compassionate" people like Bill Gates + Clinton, first rape the planet with their work, then they get a little bit older and wiser and decide to give it back? Yeah they are heroes and I do admire them and I can go on and on about the amazing things they are doing now...

But the people who are young and still trying to live it out realize that this world is NOT a caring one they end up getting screwed. This world seriously doesn't allow us to breathe and grow. Their is no time or space... Still don't believe me?

Well read the beloved Julia's blog - honsest venting and a person I admire.

I have a crap load of friends who are in the same boat and it's sad.
It really does pay to be a bitch.

Peace + Blessings

Listening to: CBC Podcast - See Vous Play

BTW>>>I love Widgets

My new [used] computer is really spiffy...It's got some really cool programs and one of them is called widgets.
i can set up programs to use at a glance and in less than 5 seconds I can glance at currency exchange, post a blog, make a call, check gmail and the weather - it's sooo cool and it saves me alot of time - even though I am doing nothing right now it saves me time to do more of nothing :>

Doing a whole lot of nothing

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunny Day

Today looks like a sunny day... I am off for some meetings and a late nite game of Risk.
I hope it's a sunny day for you all...


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Good food + Good company

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to catch up with my friend Little Lisa @ the Distillery - After a pint of Mill St. we headed to Soma chocolate to grab some truffles.
I had such a fantastic afternoon walking through the city and stopping at parks to slowly salivate those truffles....hmmm...

After we heading to a friend's living room for dinner and then to my friend's B'day. I accidentally forgot her name and I had no other option but to write on the card - "Happy Bday to my best mate's girl" I think she suspects I am an idiot and she's absolutely RIGHT!

Well Tonite some friends and I headed to:

As part of the Leslielicious! food fest on Queen East - this use to be my old hood and starting next week it's going to be my new family again.
The food was EXCELLENT! - organic, environmentally and served to us with a good heart. Even the napkins were green, chlorine free and Canadian!  The service was simple amazing and the place isn't really pretentious but instead a place that I could stay and chat forever and ever...

I am forever blessed to have some good friends and more amazingly blessed to eat such good food and diverse food. Tonite I remembered how 3 months ago I was on the river Ganges in India starving and eating half a watermelon for my main meal.

It's simply amazing how much my life changes...again I am blessed and grateful for it all.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's bed time - but I must here this song once again before shutting my eyes..

Nite nite

I am writing from my new...

Ibook! After hours searching and searching throught the heap of text on Craigs List - I was offered a really really really good ibook for $350! I didn't need something superfancy just something that can handle the day to day life of a travellor and it's got wireless + CDR + it's superfast... I still couldn't believe my luck + the couple that I purchased it from where extremely nice and they even gave me a carry bag :>

I just love this new computer because my last one died in transit from Sri Lanka and I hopefully have some files backed up somewhere....but now I can finally make additions on to my website, finally finish off some other projects and have something to call my own.

Unfortunately I went through the other few possessions that I own today from the garage and I found out that I am a huge collector of books, papers and CD's. As far as I am concerned I don't need any of those things, but it's good to keep school records + other things that provide some sort of sentimentally attachment to my family - and my goal is to narrow down ALL of my possessions from 6 cardboard boxes to 3. Let's see if this will all work.
I hope it does.


BTW>> My best mate got an Xbox last week from his girlfriend [double lucky him ] and in honour of most of our childhood years wasted on videogames...
We rented a game called GhostRecon Advanced Fighter and played till the wee hours of the's a complicated game with soooo many buttons and sooo much blood. Man I really miss the old 2 button Nintendo and some good old fashion Tecmo SuperBowl.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hypocritically Social

After saying all that on my last blog - I got a phone call from my old boss 10mins later after blogging it and we hooked for an improtu lunch. I had no plans to talk about "work" but then the cup runneth over - it just seems that my last contract just wouldn't die!!!!
I learnt so much about myself and working with others that's it's amazingly good for me and now I still have another meeting next week so the learning continues...

After > to instill more learning I met with some of my participants from my last contract and had a shot of espresso in Little Italy. We talked about Sri Lanka and working at Mother Teresa's - we both miss it really badly...and we sort of understand what we have come back too...

After my best mate and I met at Beer Bistro on King Street - had a pint of a summer Apricot beer and laughed about a whole lot of "nothing". I love my mate!!

After my siste and I hit the midnite madness film "Princess" which was simply amazing I really enjoyed the barrier pushing of uncomfortable innocent animation. Although Thursday's Midnite Madness "Severance" was simply ONE of the best + funniest films I have seen at the festival in a while... I can't wait to rent that with all whole bunch of friends...

Well after that long nite I feel quite tired and extremely hypocritically but I guess it was good to push myself and it's even better to answer the phone when it rings.


Listening to : Final Fantasy "The lamb that sells condo" - I think he is talking about this guy! Which is quite hilarious! I have seen his ads all over Toronto.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I feel like a social awakard freak

It's quite crazy that I would travel 3 hrs to take a 2hr course > that world makes absolutely no sense to me...
It's also the 2nd week in a row that the TTC has had distruptions on the line...that is really quite bizarre a 50 cent increase since I left = longer bus waits + disruptions. Somehow this makes even less sense....

In case some people are wondering where in the world is that jam? - well yes I am back in Toronto but I have been really spending alot of time at home with the folks, exploring future plans and this week busy with the film festival... I am not really trying to avoid anybody - it's just that I feel that I can't relate to anybody here - to anything in the there daily lives - like discussing the cost of a sweater at the so and so store, new music, relationships [that's a whole different post > and well everyone treats me like the travellor and they just keep asking about travel stories, religious affiliations - some of them are just REALLY bizarre.

Also I think my meditation and my alone time for months in far away places has made me really socially awkward for things...

I guess I don't have much to talk about it and people don't really now me that well to talk about anything else... I need to think of more clever things to say and talk about...any suggestions...

I am sure this is just a phase will leave soon? I hope it is - it feels like I am burshing my friends off and my life here...

Peace + Blessings

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blog shares? + PTO

It seems that my blog is actually worth more than a penny!

So I spent the last couple checking out the town of Peterborough and I really really like it. It's small, hippy, friendly and clean - the downtown area kinda reminds me of my old hood on Queen Street East...

It was even more awesome to meet a couple friends from old contracts and talk about good times and catch up. It's amazing to hear how those trips ACTUALLY change people's lives + these people are simply quite amazing people to be around.

It's times like those that really make this life really worth it.

Peace + Blessings

Oh! checked out my mate's concert @ the Supermarket last nite and well he rocked -it's kinda cool to hear some songs in production for like 2 years and then see it come together live on stage. The music industry just amazes me in that sense....

Monday, September 11, 2006

Film Festival Time! + RENT!!

So the last couple days have been busy and then pockets of complete emptyness...

On Saturday I ended up seeing "The US vs John Lennon" which I really didn't think was that good of a movie - too many spinning heads of John Lennon with background music, choopy writing and too many missing pieces...  But overall it was good for VHS 1 production + it was VERY revelant to the world today.
However on Saturday nite I found myself home alone because my phone just wasn't cooperating with my "fido" network...I though they fixed those things...So it was quite bizarre to see Rent last nite on The Movie Network - it was premiering - so I popped some popcorn, turned up the volume and sung my eyes out..I love a was sooo good.
So the film I say last nite was good + bad = Shortbus.  I went to the rush line and it stopped @ my  friend and I.. we were the last to get through it was awesome, so far I never been denied a ticket for any films at the festival and it's quite amazing...
Well tired and filmed out - but now I am in PTO seeing friends and the sites, back to start the films again Wednesday...
Peace + Blessings


Friday, September 08, 2006

Distillery today + Film Festival

I am quite amazed that after 9 1/2 months away from Toronto and working in some of the worst conditions of India that my culture shock is somewhat over after 3 days...its kinda bizarre or I am still dreaming.

Last nite I had a drink at Joe's with a travellor [CWY] and she was quite impressed with that - I was impressed by her ability to travel and live large - it's nice to have a handful of people with similar lives anbd paths that live in Canada.

Well off to go for a walk in the Distillery - grab a much needed coffee, see some mill street, check out a new mac at the Apple store [ or craziness ] and off to the Midnite Madness! So excited about seeing that part of the hood.

Peace and Blessings

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sunny day...

It's a really sunny day in Toronto and it's nice to walk around - 2 days ago I walked around Queen St East in my old neighbourhood and poked my head into the old pub.  The owner remmbered me and my drink - it's so nice to be home.

Hooked up with some Queen East buddies and I might have a place to stay in October right on Degrassi my old street - things are waking up slowly for me...
I am finally get accustommed to being back home - waking up past 8am, eating two meals a day and now I started running a bit to start training myself for the Toronto Marathon.

Right now I am at the old school trying to figure out some part time courses to keep my brain flowing...Emily Haines is keeping my brain mellow


Monday, September 04, 2006

Just can't sleep....

Finished the laundry, packing and labelling of gifts for my friends + family....and well I am SCARED...

I came back to Toronto and tomorrow is the new season here for school,work and life for basically everyone...except me. I have no plan for the first time in my life >

No school, no job and not one solid plan past tomorrow. It's soooo scarry.

This doesn't bug me anywhere else in the world - I just roll with the punches... but here at home it's really not the norm.

I came back to spend time with family, friends and catch up on some skills...but doing that in the past week I feel so alone and useless. I know i am past the sitting down at the cafe drinking non fat latte's talking about how I saved 50% on some sweater at the gap...

I know I don't fit here... but tonite - I feel like a piece of the puzzle that will never fit - it's so hard/depressing or is this just bull shit over analyzing cultural shock?


Ganges Water + American Apparel shirt =


I have some water from the holy ganges river from my time there in July and I put it in a container and then in my water proof sack - somehow my only original "plane" clothes ended up int he bag. The both have had fun in there for 3 weeks.

Today while spending over 8 hrs in laundry and cleaning I found my fave shirt and it's looked really bad...the washing didn't help - it's has a scare > it's my fave shirt and I msut find a use for it in my wardrobe.
So if you see me wearing a black shirt underneath something chances are it's still in my collection and jsut remind me that it needs to go "home" or go tell me to go home and change.

Peace + Blessings

A day of laundry + emailing and stories...

I have been in Toronto for a week and I am now doing laundry for past couple weeks...updating my websit - blog, pics + I am can finally start working on those long overdue e-letters.

Well prepare for a day of fun! and my first full day all to myself in a very very very long time.

OH! man