Friday, February 23, 2007

Yesterday I feel in love... deeply in love...

Well not exactly yesterday - but it started a couple weeks ago... I bumped into her @ MEC and I couldn't get my mind off her... their was alot of sleepless nights, future planning and even sadness because I knew that we couldn't be together forever. I would try to be faithful and committed but I travel way too much to be in a serious relationship. Beside she is wayyyy to hot and I might lose her in some remote village in Africa to some big strong men....know way could I compete with that shit.

I dreamily told her that I love to cook, clean and I absolutely adore children [well other people's children...] and later told myself she is not into those things...

Too my surprise I did a spur of the moment trip to MEC with a friend yesterday and there she was again but wearing green!...I stared inappropriately for a bit, moved away consulted my friend and then we did a last minute move and grabbed her...

If it wasn't for my friend's courage I wouldn't have a companion right now [here is a solo pic] - let's see how long this one lasts!


P.S. This is the right side of your brain talking Jam - get a life... and get back to your supposedly Top Ten.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Top Ten #6

It's been a messed up week. Life directions, juggling work + india work, 24, and preparing myself mentally .... an old friend is dying of cancer and one of his wishes is to see me soon.

I have been delaying this for weeks, but time is running out ....and I will cry - it's selfish of me he deserves better of me and yet I refuse to serve the "grace" that is in him.

Suck it up Jam and go cry me river....

As promised #6 - Top Joke.

What did Buddha say to the pizza maker?

Make me one with everything.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Top Ten #5 -

Best E-letter:
L. Smith
Oct 28
Title: just read your newest blog entry..

im not sure if i ever really told you how much you inspire me with and by your actions,.. and your silent encouragements.. (esp all through the summer and the last year i really kept uptodate reading your blog and kept asking myself what does that look like for me, in my life? part of my motivation to leave my job.. and have more of an impact in peoples lives..
i could go on and on.. but it is true - you really do inspire me.. and i perhaps should have told you this sooner.. as i am learning more and more these days how important this is.. im sure there are more people you inspire too.. but receive it,.. it is true. your honesty (even with this post) helps me to learn to be more honest..

recently someone (who i respect highly) told me how we cannot become who we are meant to become without others.. others build us up and set examples for us.. and they speak truth to us..

i dont want to appear like i am preaching to you or trying to tell you what to do and not to do.. like as if i have all the answers or something.. i only want to be that person who is reminding you and passing on the good stuff someone once told me.. i really really believe it is soooo important..

i wouldnt be who i am now,.. if i didnt know you.

bless you and thank you.


This touches the soul immensly and I seriously can believe I can have that much affect on someone, this life is worth it! It humbles me.

Speechless Email:


Get yourself to the Western Union on Sudder Street. Or any Western Union. And then eat.


I had no idea what that meant - i starred at it for several minutes and after several email exchanges I finally what it materialized and finishing a Mother Teresa project.
Sic you are SIC!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top Ten #4

Best Spiritual Haven:
In the past 8 months I have spent time with Jesuit monks, Tibetan Refugees, Himalayan Buddhist monks, enjoyed philosophy discussions with Sadhus on the Ganges River, attended daily lectures by a Brahmin [this re-tired sergeant was amazing as he spent 7 years working silently in a kitchen, cleaning toilets etc … and then spoke one day to his colleagues who were surprised by his past – now he has risen through the ranks and ages as a Brahmin lecturer and is regarded to be very wise in his teaching to foreigners….well enough of that tangent] and worked with Missionary Nuns.

With all of this doesn’t even come close to this community.

I attended last year in Winnipeg.
I think about it often and listen to their sermons online – the pastor has a clear heart for serving the community, not just the congregation. The ego is released as he would often stop talking/singing to ask questions and let others interact – all of this in a cool funky café style, art gallery/theatre with coffee/tea breaks in a trendy area of the peg.
His words still ring in my heart. I wish more places like that existed around the world – it truly would be a peaceful place.


Here at home my faith defines my life. I don’t know exactly what I am – but I know what I am not.
I am not Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and definitely not Muslim – bizarrely I am a combination of the 1st three.
Christianity is my rock; Salvation, Grace and Servant hood continually inspire me.
Buddhism, Berber [and Jonathon Larson] has definitely inspired and molded my simple living, respect for the environment and equality [fair-trade] for all.
Hinduism is my heritage. Devotion is my strength.

Hopefully my rock and the current community that I fully love can meld all three into one – it’s scary when you have to take parts of other faiths to define you because you can’t find the truth in one.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Top Ten Continuum...#3


These are my faves places/thingys about Toronto - ridiculously extended...

All my fave places are on the east side because of the community feeling, tabs and proximity to the scenic trams. Even though I am warming up to Dundas West/High Park, everyone their looks clean, confident and cute. God help me.

Fave places that you will find me if you walk in…

Best Interior: Dark horse espresso – I love the community table with funky chairs and complimenting art. “The comrade” back room is a close 2nd.

Best place to GET A REAL CUP of Coffee:
Mercury Espresso – everything is organic and AMAZING– down to the cups and bamboo stir sticks. I heart “The tony” and the wi-fi every other day.

Tequila Book Worm > “It screams Indie…” according to CDM and the new one “screams wannabe…”

Best Toronto Nite: Nuite Blanche [this link is awesome!] - Ballroom Dancing [get the pun] turned into a massive game of dodgeball> at one point I found myself running from an onslaught and landing hard on the floor – only to start getting pummeled with balls - I dazzed up and to take a glimpse from my old my CWY boss – who laughed and then disappeared. Look out next year Vibhor!

Best Monday nite activity: Kubo Radio – A cupcake and a $3 pint it’s a weird combo but it works on grungy Monday. I blog about this alot because it's seriously soooo much fun...

Best Green Café: Le Café Vert – they painstakenly have gone through every details to make sure everything is renewable and organic…and no u don’t have to take my off leather coat to eat at this place :>
Best Beer : I went one a one month beer fast - it was horrid [really horrid]. Mill Street’s new Pub in the Distillery has a great selection of locally brewed beers [even Gluten free!] and their appetizing Nachos are huge!

New Fave Magazine: Eye Weekly! Thin, crusty reviews and cheap ads are all parts of this bad magazine but somehow they managed to spice things up and bring over those city uber folks from spacing magazine. [The magazine that is literally changing Toronto’s sidewalks] I noticed recently that there are more interesting articles on local news and I can’t wait to see what it evolves into – in the meantime I like it NOW.

New Favourite area : Dundas West
Best Store: Value Village – when I move to a new place I buy everything I need from here clothes, utensils etc [it’s cheaper and more economically] and then return it when I leave… it's a love hate relationship.

Best Picture of Toronto
: I stood in awe of this pic! Well done!!
Best old pic of Toronto: Horse Drawn Street Car!!

Best Toronto Blogs [in order] : Spacing, Blogto, Torontist read these are you will know sooooo much more about this will impress the nerds like me...

I love my "home" – I really wish I could live here but my path keeps diverging…into what - I don't know.

Peace to all + send me some links of new places to try out!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Top Ten Continues...#2

Best 48 hrs: Pai to Koh Phangan ::
My best mate and I left Pai “our sanctuary in the North” to head to the “full moon party” on an island in the south. It was a race against time, elements and scams to make it to the ultimate party. Here is our itinerary.

Started the evening with a Swedish Schnitzel, hanging with some swedes, watching GhostRider [this man drove from Stockholm toUppsala on a motorcycle in less than 15mins! @ 271km p/hr]
Headed to the Bepop to watch the Animal hit the drums – cool atmosphere
After we drove down to the Bamboo bar and chilled till the sun rose.
Walked our Irish friends to their hotel – ate breakfast, checked email.
Showered and directly boarded a 3 hr curvy bus ride to Chang Mai, ate lunch, checked email.
Took an overnight bus to Bangkok, ate breakfast, checked email.
Sardine Taxi ride to the Airport.
Boarded a plane to Saurtani, ate airplane food
Gotripped off at the airport and paid a shit load of money for a private
taxi to the port.
Boarded a ridiculously crowded boat toKoh Phangan.
While on the boat we spoke to a Finnish mate and his Canadian girlfriend
[hippie friend the roles are now reversed] who DID THE EXACT SAME THING!
We were on the same buses, planes and @ the same pubs the night before…
So we didn’t feel that bad and we kicked their ass in cards.

After getting to Koh Phangan [we sensible planned our trip around the world cup]
Boarded a sardine truck to HaadRin
Spent and hr looking for a hotel.

We had enough time to grab a quick shower and sit our ass on the beach to watch the World cup. All my senses were overloaded with several projection screens, 5,000 screaming people, flamethrowers, buckets and some beautiful water.
We didn’t sleep for 2 days but everything was worth it [except for that head butt...] and the full moon party the next night was even more amazing!

At some point we moved to a very secluded part of the island where I refuse outside communication with the world [including email] for 3 days.

Cheers to all

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Top Ten starts now...

Hey eveyone,
After some quick re-writes I decided my "top ten" is way to long for an email - it's been a exciting/challenging 7 months and it was over 5 pages! [and that was the abbreviated stories] So a team of cyber-monkeys from the future and yours truly decided instead to share one extended story a day for ten days.
Until everyone is exhausted.

The main question is...can you handle it?

Top Ten
June 1st 2006 - Feb 1st 2007

1.Cambodia: Angkor Wat :: Hippie Bikes

My German roomie and I decided to rent electrical bikes for a couple days to tour these magnificent temples. The temples are roughly scattered through out an area the size of the downtown core of Toronto, and has some of the most impressive Buddhist/Hindu temples I have ever seen.... And after 8 months in Asia that’s saying a lot...

Well after a 2nd whole 9hr + day of exotic temple climbing, tree hugging, and meditating. We were exhausted and decided to chill and enjoy the sunset with some sticky mango rice on the river. Followed by a glass of wine across from Angkor Wat.

Upon exiting the shop we noticed that my friend’s bike was stolen! After several attempts to notify the police, we realized that they were helpful only because they wanted a “tip” for finding the bike. After an exhaustive day and fading daylight we agreed to deal with police later. Well I decided to be a “gentlemen” an offer to share the seat with my roomie, while I power steer back home.

As soon as we pulled out the parking lot – the hippie bike’s battery turned dead, so I had the full pleasure of pedaling 8km with this damn hippie heavy bike and my friend on the back.

Luck was going my way and so it started to rain…and then night pedal biking in Cambodian is never fun...

So my lady friend spurred me on with a tempting offer of a pitcher if we made it through in once piece. My vow is to never die when beer is still waiting and later that nite I rested my sore muscles and hooked up with our Dutch friends [why are all Dutch people soooo good looking?] They introduced us to a flying Dutch man – a jager shot mixed with red bull.
Mix that with dancing, [yes I dance when no one I know is watching] pool, . 25$ draughts and some Khmer cuisine = one very late but peacefully all day breakfast/lunch at this posh place.


Later my roomie’s travel path split from my own and we forgot to switch emails. It’s amazing how you spend 24/7 week with someone and you forget to do the simple things…

Another city and weeks later, I was while building a website and volunteering with a local NGO when I ran across her name in a guest book and her last email me to me stated “By the way. I am going to volunteer in two weeks. I am all excited. It provides shelter and food and some courses for homeless people over Christmas... Another person you inspired ;- )

I love the random-meet and inspirational travel buddies you find on the road. I have the best path for bumping into these people.

P.S. Mom an electric bike is technically not a motorcycle…

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Thursday, February 01, 2007