Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top Ten #4

Best Spiritual Haven:
In the past 8 months I have spent time with Jesuit monks, Tibetan Refugees, Himalayan Buddhist monks, enjoyed philosophy discussions with Sadhus on the Ganges River, attended daily lectures by a Brahmin [this re-tired sergeant was amazing as he spent 7 years working silently in a kitchen, cleaning toilets etc … and then spoke one day to his colleagues who were surprised by his past – now he has risen through the ranks and ages as a Brahmin lecturer and is regarded to be very wise in his teaching to foreigners….well enough of that tangent] and worked with Missionary Nuns.

With all of this doesn’t even come close to this community.

I attended last year in Winnipeg.
I think about it often and listen to their sermons online – the pastor has a clear heart for serving the community, not just the congregation. The ego is released as he would often stop talking/singing to ask questions and let others interact – all of this in a cool funky cafĂ© style, art gallery/theatre with coffee/tea breaks in a trendy area of the peg.
His words still ring in my heart. I wish more places like that existed around the world – it truly would be a peaceful place.


Here at home my faith defines my life. I don’t know exactly what I am – but I know what I am not.
I am not Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and definitely not Muslim – bizarrely I am a combination of the 1st three.
Christianity is my rock; Salvation, Grace and Servant hood continually inspire me.
Buddhism, Berber [and Jonathon Larson] has definitely inspired and molded my simple living, respect for the environment and equality [fair-trade] for all.
Hinduism is my heritage. Devotion is my strength.

Hopefully my rock and the current community that I fully love can meld all three into one – it’s scary when you have to take parts of other faiths to define you because you can’t find the truth in one.


Dan said...

Have you read Life of Pi, it reminds me a lot of you actually.

kate said...

it's funny becuase you told me about how much you loved the exchange church so when i was home for the summer i asked everyone i knew about it and no one knew ... it was like it was hidding from me.

i never did figure it out the mystery. maybe next time, i guess.

hulia said...

Hey Jam...
I hear you on inter-religion front...lately I am so moved and inspried by the musilim mytics and by mulim thought and prayer...I feel like I am a bit of a Sufi at heart.
Hope you arewell.

hulia said...

I'm also typing far too fast as you can see.