Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some of my favourite quotes:::

Cleaning out my apartment to move again - put this time packing stuff
up that I will not see for another 5 months + It's bizarre and
Another season in Toronto is coming to a close. No one but myself
would really understand what I have done here in the past 7 months,
and I am quite proud of it - the ability to mesh worlds, stories and
live without comprise is a personal feat in itself.

It should only take 2 hrs to actually pack everything I own but I am
keep stopping to read old journals and thoughts. It's kinda nice.

I leave you with my some of my fave quotes:: found in the back of my journal.

"How much better has all this been than longing in too great comfort at home"
Robert Falcon Scott
Died South Pole Circle, 1912

"I am interested above all in the character who is capable of
sacrificing himself and his way of life...It is often absurbed and
impractical. And yet or indeed for that very reason the man who acts
in this way brings about fundamental change in people's lives and in
the course of history."

Andrey Tarkosvy on Antoli Boukreev


Friday, March 23, 2007

Bobcaygeon country

Yesterday LL and I had tea, sweets and lazy rain talk at the Harbourfront yesterday morning - the rain came down and boat schedule was off so we delayed our picnic walk on the Toronto Island for another day...

Today I am currently sitting in a wi-fi cafe in Bobcaygeon country, doing the never ending ridiculously fun India work. My world is definitely bizarre.

I am here visiting my friend Minnie in PTO, she works in Bobcaygeon as a youth worker and so far this town is very quiet. I can picture it in the summer, canoes, ice cream and smiling faces...it must be very exciting. Too bad I always end up spending my summers overseas...

Today I am checking out school, living space for the fall and connecting with old friends...Again it's bizarre to plan for a possible long term future.

On a cool note last nite my friend Minnie and her roomies host a free community feast and invite all their friends to their house every Thursday for food and board games. It was definitely fun to see community interacting. Her house is an unofficial commune/community centre and her friends are really laid back and down to earth. That aspect of PTO is growning on me...I am excited to see her Sunday community. Rumor has it - it's like my fave church/space in Winnipeg.


On a side note - If I stay in Toronto/PTO I am planning a very cool revolutionary community space to start in the fall. Community living has been on my mind since small town life in Sri Lanka last year and I have a model that is experimental kick ass!

Friday, March 16, 2007

I hate being sick...

I spent the last 3 days up North with alot of inner city youth on a March Break camp. This was my holiday and it was sooo much fun and painful at the same time.

In the 1st hr after hearing my six year camper yell out "What the fuck do you want?" and then punch a kid straight into his face. I knew things would be interesting.... I work with alot of youths 14+ and that's normal behaviour...but this from a 6yr? - well that made the whole innocence kiddie pyscho factor scarry. + difficult to handle.
Kids are suppose to be cute. Not Chris Rock mixed with Rambo.

All of this with a full on cold and after day 3 my head was hurting with every step. So I hopped a ride with a kid being sent home and went straight to my parents house in the burbs to be pampered... I rarely get sic and when I do I feel the need to feel warm, watch a movie and be a little pampered.

I am glad that I am here with the folks for a couple days of rest. My head and throat hurt like hell...but saying all of this I heart 614 ALOT! I have soooo much respect for the staff and their dedication. I think I will reside in that place of love alot until I leave...and I can't wait to see my kids at squads when I am healthy on Saturday. I am going to pump iron.

Peace +

Friday, March 02, 2007

:: preface evite ::

Hey everyone,

For some this is a reminder for others it's a personal invite. I just came back "home" 6 months ago and in about 6 weeks I will be off for a couple more months. Life keeps flowing and I am running to catch up...

My current pet project has turned into a full time beast - with over 200 emails flowing in the past 4 days! Lack of sleep, stress and no gummi bears. It's been fun.

Our fundraiser is tomorrow nite and all are welcomed, it would be good to hang out and catch up - the e:vite is attached below. Your truly will be hosting an interactive story room based on some of my travels.

But in the meantime our new website really rocks!


Hope to see you all there.

Peace and Blessings to you all

http://www.readbetweenthelines.ca [new potential site feedback really needed!]