Thursday, June 28, 2007


For the past two days I have been on the bed trying to sleep - I got "loose motion" or diarrhea as we call it... mixed with some vomiting and a slight fever. It lasted only lasted a day but then I woke up this morning to find - that the bed I slept on for 2 nites is covered with bed bugs and some possible lice...ah...I have bites places where the sun don't shine

Mix with the emotional stress of life in the past two weeks and well it's enough to have an emotional breakdown - Thank God I don't have one yet.

One good news is that I really like my work - ALOT. It's keeping me sane. Some of our team conversations are sooo amazing and I can't wait to continue check-ins...Tonite an American couple is taking our team out for a proper Bengali meal.

Exciting Shit - not taken to be taken literally.


Now I must go shave my head and beard for bugs/lice...exciting times here in India.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


My old friend from Pai and I were chatting on gmail the other day - I thought this was an 8 day experimental water fast but it's 40 DAYS!

Go michel -


Monday, June 25, 2007

Excited. Calm. Whatever.

Today I am off to see the nuns at 3.30 - to be honest I no idea what it is about... and I am kinda of excited...

I have been meditating for the last 2 days that I will get a chance to speak with her - alot of stuff has been happening in my life in the past week. It's a bizarre I feel absolutely lost and I need guidance...

So I was beyond excited when she requested to see me today - Faith works that way. We've known each other for 3 years and she knows my heart and has actually seen it's fruit. It could be about anything from moving used clothing to spending 2 days with a homeless man on a train taking him to his local village... Whatever it is - I am going to "try" my best to ask her advice, blessings and guidance on me...

So many unanswered questions because the wind that guides faith has just thrown alot f-curve balls in the past week and I feel overwhelmed lost in it all....

It's really funny because none of this is actually affecting my work. It's the hidden pressure that amazes me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i hate when I call this shit...

It's starting now.
I am in Rishikesh and it's cool to be here again. I didn't think it would happen for another couple years...but the team choose to be here and I am
I found out last nite that my meditation friend who I spent a month with last year here died of a motorcycle accident. This man really trusted me and openly shared his life travel stories and his heart for living in it all. People really miss him here. I miss him - he's the association with this place.
Then today I got an email saying that a dear old friend passed away from cancer. I gave him one of the most important " things" that I own and have been praying for him constantly...and yet distancing myself because I feel "selfish" for all that he has done for me and yet I am travelling the world - teaching/helping others but yet didn't make the time for my friend.
I hate when I call this shit in advance.  But I know it's just the beginning.
All this with a team and some 18hr days... I love the challenge.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Some vacation note

From the mountains. It was only a week - I need to go back for a month at least...

I sat here for 1/2hr and blew bubbles with some kids. It was awesome...we were jumping up and down and seeing which bubble can get the furthest....

I picked the guesthouse that was the furthest away from all the tourist action. It was sooo nice, peaceful and quiet ... this was how I found it...

Some cool highlights:
During the first 48hrs, I only spoke for one hr - I love silence.
Spent one hr actually meditating by a waterfall with some monks...
I love the mountains and I spent hrs just going for long walks....
Meeting other travellers who were very similar to me - even a French girl that had the exact same job as I did with groups - she was awesome.
Seeing love -

okay enough hippie shit...must get back to work.


Friday, June 15, 2007

What time is it Mr. Wolf?

I just came back from a 12 hr overnite sleeper [why do they call it a sleeper when you really can't sleep on em?] bus back to find that I have over 150 new emails.... sigh.
To make matters worse - it's 100% confirmed - none of the train tickets, hotels [except one], buses got confirmed - It's the plague of organizing groups - everyone in India says yes and then overbook! 
1 week of work down the drain...
Faith knows the reason why this happened because I have a last minute addition to the team. So it would have been difficult to get extra tickets, rooms etc... So this kinda cool and Damn exciting!
But this means I got to run around like a indian-man-with-my-head-cut off trying to figure out some options.
Actually the next 14 hrs before the team comes is going to be fun - I love this type of shit. Now I am off to meditate and have a chai to figure out the next move. Then sit in front of a computer for a billion hours and check out these emails...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Away...Away... ::

It's strange being silent and away from it all...but it's good to have a some OSHO and have time by myself to reflect on this life for a bit.

The Indian Himalayans are really peacefully and meditating has been very good. I spent 3 hrs walking from one village to another yesterday...

I have barely spoken more than an hr [vocally] in the last 2 days - it's nice.

I feel like the next 8 weeks are going to be a body tingles and I feel excited...the air is musty and my energy needs to be rejuvenated.

So I am off email to think, back on June 16th.

Peace to you all

Saturday, June 09, 2007

This is why Feist is Hot!

I love the Xylophone guy in the corner...

Enough said?

Departure of the Mom...

The countdown is in 12 hrs - can I make it?

Today in another revenge move of the Mom she took me clothes shopping - BAH!

I felt extremely posh actually shopping in malls in Delhi as oppose to the grungy backpacker district .... and through the whole event came out with several bruises which resulted in a pair of shoes - one for each foot, a trousers and two shirts. They just look like newer /cleaner versions of what I wear now - jeans and a black shirt.
Then we went out for a ridiculously yummy meal which cost 2 days worth of travelling :<

This is revenge for Darjeeling in which I took her scarf shopping and tea crawling.

I can't take this past week of India life - it's nice once in a blue moon - but a week+?
I went from August to April without purchasing any new clothes - just trading stuff with friends and buying stuff from the thrift stores...
Sleeping in simple places...eating street food...and I love my simple train rides...

I love the mom - but she must go - 3 weeks of the Mom is lovingly enough - now double checking with BA that her flight is confirmed :: mandatory kiss and hug at the airport and BOOM! She's off...

Sigh. I will miss the mom. It's been nice to share pockets of life with your parents. Something few people in my position could ever do.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Revenge of the Mom!

I had a sleeper class train with clean pillows, clean sheets + AIR CON. - I didn't know those existed
Right now I am in the best hotel that I have stayed at in years [and that is saying alot because I have stayed in some amazing places in the past couple of years - days even...]
There is art patios and a proper India dining hall to eat dinner!!
This is her revenge because I made her stay for 3 days living on a farm in small village in North India - the village didn't even have bottle water and only 4 jeeps that left a day. If you missed the jeep you are stuck until the next day.... the family was awesome and I loved the little village life - especially the sunset and sunrise over the India Himalayans.
She loved it but also scorned the length of time....
Since then we have been living posh and well it's an adjustment and a change. Thank God it's not forever....
Tomorrow we apparently have an even nicer train [WTF??] and hotel. 
Thank God [and Baby Jesus] I take over in Delhi. Back to the simple life.
BTW>> Money and a nice train can't buy a good nite sleep - the man beside me snores even louder than my mom! I hit him several times and pretended to go back to didn't work and now I am super exhausted...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Travelling with my mom.

It's fun. It's hard. It's tiring. It's amazing conversation. I eat well. I sleep poorly.
I realized that my mom snores - enough to wake up the dead - I haven't slept in 5 days and unforuntately because of the busy tourist season in the moutains...their is no space for any extra room cheap rooms at any of the hotels in the area...sigh
the ear plugs, ipod and pillow on top of my head while thinking of pink bunnies doesn't help.
i am not going to sleep until Varanasi.