Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So what does Jam do all day?

I decided to take pics of my day and kinda compile them...however I can't access my blog here in China/Tibet and posting via another method - so here are the descriptions....

This is my hotel - it has a unique spot in Lhasa as it used to be the home of "the man's" teacher, it's got a cool vibe, solar power on the roof, a cool library and the staff are ridiculously super friendly... I am in love with this place.

This is my ASS bike - I got it for $15 [and later found out I payed $5 tooo much] however it's cheaper than renting a bike for $3 a day. It has a basket, a bell and squeaky brakes but I love it dearly and when I left for my 5 day trek I gave it to my Lhasa friend [who is 1/2 way through her 6 month stint] and now she LOVES biking in Lhasa.
I love encouraging people to bike!

This is my classroom at the university. I signed up for Tibetan classes for a couple hrs a day [the alphabet is DAMN hard] - the clock is my teacher's - he is an artist and is quite funny!

After class I usually bike the nunnery [I really miss any nuns..] they have a really nice restaurant and for 50cents I get and endless supply of tea and some momo's. The Tibetans that eat there are really super friendly and sometimes I spend an hr or 2 just chatting with em...recapping my Tibetan lessons, talking about hidden places to visit - while they secretly make fun of my long Indian nose.

Then I usually spend an hr or two biking around every nook of Lhasa trying to catch up on sites and hotels for a possible trip next year. It's really fun work. During an out of the way bike ride I found this potential amazing bookshelf...Another day I biked to monastery in which monks debate in public about monk "stuff"...

After I usually end the day with friends that I meet in Lhasa or on my trek - these days it's been a mixture of Tibetans [yesterday I drank 2 litres of sweet tea just chatting with em' and felt ill] and some local NGO workers which are quite amazing...

I have been really blessed to be able to spend 3 weeks in Lhasa and actually get to know people and places personally. I kinda wish my Visa wasn't for a month otherwise I would be extremely tempted to stay here for a very long time...
Too me it's really a slice of heaven.


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