Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ass bike? Nope - it's pimping time

With TTC prices on the raise starting next month and after my random coffee with Sue, I really started to look at other options for travelling around Toronto. I really wanted to support the TTC but with prices going up every year and my part time career actually costing me more money to do than what I make - it was time to start doing something a bit different...

So for the cost of 5 monthly passes - I purchased an electric bike!

The last time I biked in Toronto was 4 years ago and it scarrrrred the shit out of me - biking in Delhi and Tibet felt sooo much safer...So this is weird and every time I get on it - I face my fear of biking in Toronto, and this is part of the plan to constantly face the fear head on until I love it.

It was kinda weird yesterday standing in the store and picking out bikes to ride up and down the street... I kinda felt a bit giddy and it reminded me of being a high school kid driving my first car...

The store owners were quite nice that with my subtle Asia bargaining skills I was able to get a damn good deal on a red moped style helmet, a lock and a tarp!

The e-bike reminds me of the one that I had in Cambodia last year and I really thought that I picked a simple looking bike - but all my friends admit that it looks pretty pimped and it's a sweet smooth drive. It's also good to have random conversations with strangers again... I probably had over a dozen people ask me questions about it in just one day.

Well back to doing homework - it's kinda funny that it's a perfect Saturday morning and I am inside doing homework.



sue said...

you got the electric!! that's hilarious and somehow, just right.

Lisa said...

jam, i've seen your asian bargianing "skills" ...i think you paid too much for that helmet!

sars said...

Lisa's right, but I like the idea nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Nice bike!
How long would it take you to get to Peterborough on that thing?
Hope to see you someday.

Liz said...

Nice ass bike... by the way- where did you stay in kathmandu?

amy said...