Monday, November 26, 2007

Sittin at a B and B in Orangeville.

I think I am becoming more human. Well not quite - but I as I get older I am starting to miss people a bit more and more.

For some reason I almost started to cry and I got a little flustered when I realized that my cupcake buddy was sitting alone in the east end waiting for me with a red velvet cupcake.

Due to my lack of internet at home - I missed my cupcake time with LL and only found out about it 6 hrs later.

So my best mate and I did the one hour hetic drive to get the last batch of cupcakes in Toronto.  Then I lost my cell phone and I had to play telephone tag with the lovely sue to figure out the rendevous time with LL before her and Sue moved to New York forever happily ever.

It was hetic and fun - but at the end of the morning I managed to see my friend for 10 mins, apologize with 8 cupcakes [there were a dozen but the temptaion was wayyyy too much] + some gift from Tibet. 
Then I made the mad dash to the subway to head to Orangeville to co-lead some workshops on cultural sensitivity and travelling in India.

On the subway I started to cry because I really miss my platonic cupcake buddy and well my world is really different/same here in T.O this year.

Whatever happened to this Jam? I kinda want him back.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still sick.

It sucks to be sick for the past two weeks and then suckier to know
it's going to happen for the next two weeks.

Some cool things have happened in all this sickness - I spent last
week at a schmoozer Fundraising conference. It was weird to spend my
time in a suit, politely handing over business cards over roast beef
and wine + it was weird to meet people that give $20 million to a

It was a mandatory school event and it was fun and awkward to network.

Speaking of school - I am in the middle of writing a $1million
campaign for a not-for-profit Christian group - really excited because
I think we can actually raise that much money plus much more.

My world is sooo weird.


Friday, November 09, 2007


Yeah it's been happeing for the past 3 days.
I feel sooo ill - vomitting, headaches and I just feel weak.
This is the re-action to the antibotics that I am taking to get rid of
some india bugs that I had since July?. It's been a tough ride dealing
with it for the past couple of months but I grew accustom to the

I also don't like meds - I rarely take em and would honestly have
nothing to do with these ones - but this is really important and I
tried some herbal stuff in Nepal in August with no resutls.

So for the next two weeks life is going to be me dealing with this
sickness while attending an important school conference.

Plus I feel like a big baby when I get sick because I rarely get sick with meds.



Cupcake, Cafe Latte and India

It's weird being back. I know that I have been back for 2 1/2 months
now but it still feels really crazy to plunge into a COMPLETELY
different world. In early Sept I was sitting on my boat in Pokhara
reading "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" drifting towards the
mountains and then suddenly a week later plunge myself into the world
of Fundraising.

Now that the dust has settled and India has come to a seasonal close -
I really miss some of my dear friends from last year

I deeply miss LL - she was my monday nite cupcake partner and we
talked about everything under the sun...she moved in August to New
York and is now designing hotels...her current Brooklyn pad looks

I miss LTK - she was my lifeline with India and I developed a deep
platonic working crush on her....she moved to the Netherlands before I
left for India and it took me a couple week to get over the fact that
she moved when I got back home. I have some immense respect for this
women...her current pad also looks amazing.

I also miss my old roommate/neighbourhood coffee buddy Neil - we would
randomly go for coffee on the east end and chat with people on the
I also really miss checking "Now Magazine" to see if he is performing
and sneaking into his apartment to steal clothes or clean his place. I
walked by the old flat the other day and I started to shed a tear...
Neil moved to Montreal to dance and knowing Neil his pad is probably

I miss it all...but I thank God for the new season and the new
adventure of life.

Miss you guys.