Thursday, December 20, 2007

Remind you of anyone?

It's Steve Jobs - co::founder of Apple.

A friend sent this pic to me today. This looks like my room. 
My friend just told me that Steve is a white version of me ::
India both changed our lives, 
we both have the same type A personality, 
same b-day, 
we are both left handed 
and we share a slew of other common traits...

This man is definitely my long lost uncle!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Xmas Parties

I hosted two back to back parties last week - Thursday Class Party and Friday's friends clash.
It was alot of fun and I was exhausted from cleaning on Sunday.

/dr meets guitar hero

Class party! Crazy dancing + some good food!

Class gift - they know how much I heart cupcakes.
This set is from the "Cupcake Shoppe" on Eglinton :: 2nd best in t.O

cheers to dan + graham for the jazzie background vibes!
+ blake for "eternal" grabbing the enoch original light from the love feast.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One of these isn't correct.

i'm in london. i hear you're in markham. karen says hi.

Can you guess which one?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Record clocks?

Since this place inspires me constantly, I keep giving myself little projects to do.

Today I took an old record and turned it into clock.

Record :10cents + Clock :$1.00 + Time :3 minutes = One fun Xmas gift for a mate.

Plus I am making a couple for the place.
One for India. One for the Uk. One for Canada.

My landlord is a sculptor and our lives don't really intertwine for his periodic visits for studio sculpting - so it's weird to have the whole space to myself.

It's friday nite and I home with a nice cup of darjeeling tea + feist.


On the move AGAIN.

I sat down and figured it out today.
I haven't lived in one place for more than 9 months in the PAST 9
years. I should be a bit more messed up than I am now - but for some
reason it doesn't feel like the end of the world and I feel fine.

In keeping with that tradition - life played itself out where I had to
move again, this time
I-sort-of-got-accustom to life in a condo in a pretty ritzy part of
town. It was a bit tooo posh for me, but I felt blessed everyday to be
in that space. It was a really different world for me with a Huge HD
Tv, $3000 couches and glass shower. Now I don't really miss any of it
except that I really miss my roommate.

This time faith moved me to the complete opposite side of the tracks
to bloor and lansdowne. I did a community walk of the area and
literally feel in love with it. It has the same vibe as my old hood
Queen and Broadview before the Starbucks + pretentious people moved
It has the same Bank of Montreal, value village, jerk chicken, cool
beer place, a local community centre [aka strip club], train tracks
and a slew of really cheap variety stores and neighbourhood groceries.
+ there are no commercial box stores for a 15 minute walk in any
direction. I heart that!

So I am in love with it and this new loft that I am living in is
tucked far away from it all in the corner of the hood + it's full of
interesting artist + bricks walls + high ceilings.


Monday, December 03, 2007

delaying homework - looking at links - this is sooooooooooo cool. IT RULES!

I heart spacing and going to skip at couple hrs of homework to attend
the party tonite. Mostly to check out the new LEED certified church on
queen east.


We need one in Toronto. Dan start one.

Insane weekend.

Following Adrianne's comment on my health. I have some good news to
report - I am feeling alot better and the meds are slowly wearing off
- I feel kinda normal.

Saying that I am still in shock that I pulled of this weekend alive and well.

Friday was suppose to be the mom/son weekend retreat - but she didn't
want to leave town so we hung around Toronto at the Keg, watched a
movie and brewed some homemade tea.
Craziness happened when my baby cousin felt ill and we rushed to visit
him at the hospital - he's less than 6 months so it was intense to see
this beautiful spirit sick.
We took my other baby cousin home and then next day I showed him how
to cook breakfast for adults. I miss hanging around young children -
they give me sooo much energy - adults have so much drama.

Then I went back to the new apartment to clean - yeah - I moved this
weekend as well. The new place is a huge departure from the old place
and it kinda looks like the apartment from Rent. I really like it ALOT
- but it's also ALOT of cleaning and the high loft ceiling makes the
wind chime with some freaky creaky rythmn.
Headed off to a friend's Bday bash, watched the snow storm and went to
bed around 4amish.

Woke up at 10am - meet my friend at the Grapefruit moon for brekkie -
went home did homework for a billion hours and then headed back to the
4am house to help make sushi and attend the church love feast. The
feast reminds me that our community is cool and sometimes, just
sometimes that all the politics is worth it.

I got home around 10pmish and just in time to do homework and hit the bed.
Hurray for Toronto - I love it here!

Now I have some essays and assignment due in the next bit - so I am
off to hide in my loft to finish em up.