Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The day hell froze over on the PC world...

Does anyone remmeber when this happened? I laughed for a very long time....

Monday, March 24, 2008

No way... it can't be...

Alot of my friends [back me up now mates...] say that I set the trend in finding out when a neighbourhood is going to be the next hot thing or not. People are excited when I move into a new neighbourhood or even a house because all the houses I have lived in for the past 6 years have sold for WAY more than the asking price and well communities have blossomed.

Last week it happened again.

Last Thursday I walked into my local Jamaican restaurant to get Toronto's best homemade veggie + beef patties [this is not just my opinion but a fact, eye + now have both given this place top nods in tdot as the best place in Toronto] people line up and come back for a fresh batch.
After coming by for several months I get a cool "local" rate and I try my best to avoid mentioning anything about politics as Ms. Patty will scold anyone who thinks twice about Hilary.

As I went to pay the local price - she told me I had to pay the regular price... I was kinda confused and was like why? I turned to the right of me and noticed three hipsters sitting at the table eating Roti with a knife and fork. I thought to myself - WHAT THE HELL? WHY ARE THERE HIPSTERS IN THIS HOOD? Hipsters walk through this neighbourhood like they are on a mission - point A to point B. They don't stop and smell the local fauna. Apparently these new visitors are paying a tourist price and I guess I had to follow. Annoyed I paid the bill - tried to stare the hipsters back into even tighter pants and left.

I got out and turned right and almost walked into traffic. Their is a new art gallery on my street - actually this is the only art gallery on my street. Bloor and Lansdowne doesn't have flowers let alone art. I live in a pretty creative artist loft but beyond the brick and pad there is a cement factory and a gelatin factory + there are no signs of life on my hood. So when something creative comes up well it's big news.
It's actually not a new art gallery but instead all old friend that has moved from Queen and Broadview [my old hood for 5 years but it has now become a bit trendy] to this new area...

Interesting. Is that area to posh for you folks?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Come home Jam.

August 2-th 2007. 

I told my friend that I got a job offer in Tibet and that I am in complete LOVE with the people here and the country.  I really wanted to stay there and live in Lhasa...
I said all this even though deep down in my heart a voice kept telling me "Jam go home - you have to leave" 

I called my best friend and asked him his thoughts on the situation... he simple responded "Come home Jam. It's time for you to come home"

With those words sinking in...I knew what had to be done

With that I left the:
women that I admired with all my heart
an amazing internship offer
living in the Dala Lami's teachers pad
AND the people that I was slowly falling in love with...

I then hitch hiked across tibet back to the Nepal border...

today as I stood in the subway thinking about the what if's...what if I did stay - what would have I done?

I know that I would have stood up for what's right...would I have been shot like a dog. ? or would I have played happy rich foreigner and flown home?
What about my friend D' who owned the hotel that I stayed with in Lhasa...where is he now?

It's sooooooo sad. Where is God and Buddha in all of this?

Kalee shu

Friday, March 14, 2008

Barkhor Square

Miriam posted this site on our community space.

It's a great space to get some on the view perspective to the recent situation in Asia.

Cross Posted from my pics last year.

One of the holiest places for Tibetans to worship. Unfortunately times have changed - their are cameras on the roof , a major police presence and alot of fake jewellrey made from Nepal, India. So next time when you think of political oppression think of Budweiser...they give shade to the police that for fun trip old Tibetans who are slowly walking around the Jokhang praying. This bud's for you!

Just read the news. Barkhor Square has police cars in flames!
So sad.
please check this site for more update to date info:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Every step we make engages change. Slum tours.

A great article about slum tours in the New York times...

mixed feelings...
cultural sensitivity?
money being back into the community?


I have been personally touring around slums for the past 10 years and on last year's trip we stayed in a Tibetan Refugee Community. I think it's always great experience for people to meet people, completely out of our realm. BUT we always needs to be tread carefully to understand cultural diversity and neihgbhourrod sensitivity on any trip.

Every step we make engages change.
I wonder how far this "trip trend" will go?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Kid + beach + math = 94 percent

A couple weeks ago I was sitting on the beach with my friends instead of this frozen fortress we call Toronto right now...

One of the personal highlights of the trip was waking early and heading to one of my fave beaches in the world with the kid that I mentor. How often can you do that?

We sat there on the beach and just stared at it for a while...then the kid started drawning some math equations in the sand and starting rambling about historical significance of the pyramids and triangles... I couldn't resist a snapshot and I really tried my best to pay attention to it all but the beach called....

I thank God that Jam didn't mentor some nerd... and 20 mins later we were snorkelling with tuna and rainbow fishes.

Tonite he told me that he got 94% on that test that he studied for on the beach.
Damn this kid is almost cool + worthy enough to date LTK. Although...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Awesome snow day today.

According to the weather report last nite - Toronto was suppose to be under alot of snow today. So with bit of news in my head... I decided to skip life in general and make today a snow day.

So what does snow day in the loft look like?

Well it involves drinking half of bottle of wine for breakfast. - not recommended.

Watching a couple episodes of 30 Rock. - really recommended.

Emptying the starving humanitarian's cupboard to feast upon a gourmet lunch. I heart cooking.

Polish off a hundred page in shantaram - Definitely recommended [click on author's facts]

Spent some time listening to the creaks and cracks of the loft while humming the Juno Soundtrack for deep hidden meanings in my life. No hidden meanings were found but this song
is recommended

Attempted to create some organic art. - definitely recommended after a couple glasses of wine.

Another well deserved rested day. Tomorrow is back to school, ttc and reality.

Nite Nite

Saturday, March 01, 2008

My old flatmate...

It's weird when you have a daily ritual of checking websites and all of a sudden your beloved friend's pics is on the front page. It seems the like more and more of that is happening every day...

A couple minutes ago my old flatmate's pic just popped up on blogto.com

Neil I miss you.

You would knock some much needed sense into my hurting brain and heart these days.

sniff sniff jam.

27 to -27

I went from 27 degrees in Trini to -27 degrees in Toronto. Crazy.

On the plane they announced that we would be landing in Toronto...I glanced out the window and saw "white sand" - my brain was a little confuzzled from lack of sleep [approx 45 mins the nite before]
My head kept saying that's below me that the white stuff looked like white beach sand in Toronto - WTF?

It took me a while to realize that it really was toronto and that was snow!

An hour later I got a close up view and it was cold!