Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stranded at the | Sahara | Docs

At this year's Hot Docs. I saw two of the best docs that I have seen in years.

First it started with "The man who crossed the Sahara" A well put together doc about Frank Cole. An Canadian who crossed the sahara by foot - and astounding feat. I think he currently hold's the Records with Sir Guinness... I am still in awe of it.

Apparently during his 2nd attempt - we both started at the same time in Morocco ..the army stopped my illegal border attempt into Algeria. It was the landmines that stopped him from getting into Algeria, so he took the bus to Mauritania and then life took it's course.

The film portrayed Frank's fears and thoughts while roaming the Sahara. I felt errie watching it... it reminded me of my "wild days" before I kinda slowed down. Or have I really slowed down? The film answered some questions that I had in my life, but then it opened the door to many others - sometimes I wish there was a seasonal traveller in Toronto that I can chat with....

After the film I bumped into the director on the stairs and quickly mentioned my Sahara travels - that earned me spot at the doc afterparty with alot of free drinks and food. Very cool crew. I tried to leave early to head home to do homework, but was stopped by the director as he bought me another drink and we chatted a bit more about the film. I have to admit, it was alot of fun - It wasn't my world but I love meeting new people that are completely different than me.

The 2nd film I saw was priceless.
Easily one of THE best documentaries I have ever seen. At one point the movie theatre was silent and snifffles could be heard around the room. For most of the film I was in complete shock. My eyes burnt in pair. I highly recommend you rent this film.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

my crew lost...

but these guys deserve to win.
Ltk - your gonna love the ending - they defied gravity. I flipped out.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

With homework galore..

I miss the last couple episodes of the show...and now I am trying to get updates on the web.

My fave so far is the The first 30 secs on the Gslide rocks... I love this crew.
They were my pick back in Feb.
I hope they win.


On Monday my classmate and I did a class research presentation on "Men in Fundraising" The profession is close to 70% female right now and the demographics have shifted dramatically in the past 10 - 20 years. We did some research into why that happened - we kept a simple KISS [Keep it Simple Stupid] presentation and we finished it in 15 mins.

We then got GRILLED by almost every women in the class for close to 90 mins - that's never ever been done before - almost as long as some of our classes. It was basically 28 women [actually there were 3-4 women that agreed with our research...but they got shot down quickly] vs 2 men.

Here are some things that were said:
"I think that you three boys in the class are feminized males..."
"After talking with my mother, grandmother - I am glad things are the way now..."
"I am a feminist....and I believe that your attitudes towards this presentation could have been more positive..." This came from the same person who told us 3hrs prior that she was going to "bash" us - she said this without even seeing our research.
"The female ratio is higher than male ration right now..."
"Is that pencil picture in your powerpoint a symbol for anything?"

Awesome eh?

I got nothing left after that.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Re::posted from a year ago. She's dying ...but she doesn't know that I know.

Kolkata, India
April 26th 2007
It's amazing how much I have changed in a year...its a deep change...one that rarely bubbles to the surface. I contemplate this one when I sit alone...wondering...

She's dying ...but she doesn't know that I know.

A couple weeks ago in Toronto a colleague showed me a picture of a nun that I knew quite well. He told me she was passing away, to keep it a secret from her and let life take it's course. I was just in shock. It was at the fi3 fundraiser - so I went for a quick walk to meditate and then tried my best to keep a cool composure for the rest of the evening...

When I saw her in person a couple days ago she greeted me with the warmest smile, I took my normally seating pose beside her and we quickly conversed it up...

Her first question:

"What happened to your girlfriend?"

"I took you advice - and it didn't work. Next time you need to give better advice if it happens again..."

We laughed alot and have for the past several years - I ask her advice on everything. Soon we went back to our normal routine, but it's so strange because I know patients who pass away at the house but I always think the nuns are super strong and invincible. I want to treat her different but my heart really suggest otherwise.
This is a really good lesson for me in learning patience and silence. It comes in many forms and right now only possible through faith.

It's funny life keeps reminding me of my motto's "Just because we are young doesn't mean that we are eternal" and "that's why I should always treat everyone like it's the last time I am going to see them". Life is just too short and I shouldn't expect more.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feist. Again.

I hear your playing the ACC now?
At least you didn't lose your cool...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Whoa - now that is off roading...

It's kinda weird to walk down spadina on a clear day and bump into this cadillac...
It's just covered in mud... and the pattern is weird.
I can't even guess how this started???

Monday, April 07, 2008


According to google maps that's how much I biked today.
And the wind on the lake made it feel like soooooo much more.
I feel like an out of body experience it happening...starting with my legs...

What the hell was I thinking?