Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The future of browsing...lets flock together...

I love this browser is sooo nifty and it's definitely needed. It's going to make my life on the road sooooo much easier.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Creed thoughts are hilarious...lol...

watch it twice - it gets funnier the second time around :> I have been laughing for days on this one...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

One Laptop Per Child :: Kick Ass!!

This is the new laptop design for 2011 - it's simple kick ass.

Guess who might be working on a side project with them in Cambodia? Yup it's me.

On another random note I meet someone else today who is helping with the educational side of this project. We had a great patio pint this afternoon and shared our ideas/excitement of our future Cambodian adventures...

I can't wait to work start working with him on the field in the fall...

It's amazing how life puts these pieces together - because I have no idea where I would start.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where is God?

Three years ago in Kolkata it popped up in a !bang and I am still debating it in my head.

A couple nites ago my friends and I were debating the whole "burma" disaster and the lack of foreign aid into the country. NGO's are so desperate to help - that they were debating whether or not to drop aid packages from the air.

I immediately held my tongue and silently meditated to put some clearity in my head and then it popped up - where is god in all of this?
At what point does the gracefully one make an appearance?

Is it in diplomacy? politics? weather? or even aid?

Or should I use the universal sunday school answer and say that God has been with Burma from the beginning?

I kept thinking and every day the reports of casualities go up - today the UN estimated 100,000 deaths. With over 1 million + people affected - this is not only a disaster for Burma, but for Bangkok, India, Bhutan, China - the influx of refugees, diseases, slavery...

I don't think I would find an answer to this one anytime soon and my other question is do I even deserve one?

I do think that my travels/solitude/work in the next 5 months might reveal something. Field work and meditating usually reveals some insight.

severly sprained

that's the current status of my hand. The doctor told me it's worse than a break and that their will be severe pain, but if I take some meds it will make the sun smile.

Great I don't take meds... unless I have some deadly India disease. I don't want my body to be dependant on any form of medication especially since I know in the future I wouldn't be living around it....

But today my arm hurts like hell. So much fun. It's hip/

also typing hurts so I am dont feel like correcting any of my engrish today...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flipped over the handles bars

last nite.

It seems that listening to Go! Team while pedalling down the road at nite with ultra thin bike tires is not a good idea...

My wheels got caught in a sewer grate and just went fly a couple feet - with no helmet I used my hand as a shield and i went hand first unto the ground...I thought it was broken but it's definitely sprained and is completely sore... just tying a button hurts. It's kinda fun to think about having to readjust normal body functions and to adapt.

Fortunately for me I was really lucky and the car behind me stopped to help me up on the curve - I am definitely sore all around. Was going to head straight to a pub for a drink but decided home might be the best route...

The good news is that I feel alot better but typing with one hand sucks. It slow.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Couch World

So my life is not as exciting as this book. I am not a DJ who can spin mad beat, I don't own a powerbook and I don't strip down to my undies in the laundry mat on Thursdays...

Couch surfing to save money for Asia this May is a bit harder than I thought :: especially with the mix of school, overseas stuff and saying goodbyes ::

Jet Li [my bike] is somewhere across the city
Some of my art stuff is at my old apartment
My semi home base has my school stuff
All my travel gear is at my parents?

AND it's that strange feeling to wake up in the morning and think "How long will it take me to get to school? meetings? can I bother my friend again to ask him to use the internet?"

It's going to be interesting to see how long I last this one...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A letter from Lhasa ::

This letter was passed off from a friend that I meet in Tibet last year....It's orginally 5 pages and it's brutal :: Please email me if you need the rest.

Since last week all Tibetans who are not from Lhasa have to go back to their homeland, except students and teachers studying at government schools. The police come to your home and send you out of Lhasa if you are not from here. When the Olympic Torch is in Lhasa only local people and Chinese are allowed to be here. They did that few years ago too during the 50 year peaceful liberation celebration.

There is a big problem in jail now. There is not enough food, not enough water and not enough blankets. The prisoners have to sleep on the ground and sometimes they only get one cup of water a day and nothing else. This way they get health problems, their bodies get really weak and they die, either in prison or after they get released. The prisoners get beaten up very badly. They especially beat the kidney, liver and gall region so prisoners get internal injuries and slowly die. We know this from three friends who just got released from prison.

On March 14th in the afternoon we heard that there were demonstrations going on in front of Ramoche Temple. Later we saw four people dragging a person who was shot dead in front of the Jokhang and that was when we became really scared. Normally the government should use gas or water against protesters, but here they shoot them. So we went home as fast as possible.
In the evening my wife went to pick up our child from school around 6p.m. At that time the military was already on Jiangsu Road were the school was. The military was shooting at the locals who went to pick up their children. One woman got shot in her leg and one man was hit in the head or neck and he died. Later his brother wanted to get his corpse from the hospital, but the hospital didn’t want to give it out. Finally the brother got so desperate that he threatened to burn himself and the hospital if they didn’t give his dead brother to his family. The hospital gave him his brother’s body, but just a few hours after they came home the military came and took the dead body away.

When the foreign journalists were in Lhasa, I think it was from 27th to 29th of March, the military suddenly disappeared from the streets. Instead of wearing their military uniform they changed into traffic police, gatekeeper uniforms or civil dress and they were hiding inside buildings and behind corners where the journalists couldn’t see them. We were suddenly allowed to go everywhere; there were no checkpoints during these days. When the journalists were allowed to walk around by themselves, officials in normal clothes or traditional dress followed them, answered their questions and made pictures of individuals who talked to the press. We wanted to tell the press what is going on here in reality, behind this show that was made up for them, but we didn’t have any chance to get close to them without being punished for that later. When we finally heard that the Jokhang monks told them the truth we were very happy.

Between 17th and 20th of April most of the monks were taken away from Sera to an unknown place. Sera Monastery normally has over 300 monks but now there is only a handful left who care for the chapels. Around midnight about fifteen to twenty military trucks came and detained the monks. We have this information from inside the monastery and also from an abutting owner. But we don’t know what is happening in Drepung and Ganden, two of the biggest monastic centres around Lhasa, but we have heard they have been arrested and taken out of Lhasa.

Lhasa, --.04.2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

the obama brush?

Liz - what do you think?

Yeah I know I am a Canadian and I can't vote - actually I don't have a say in anything really... but it's nice to see a fresh change in politics.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A beautiful summer day...

walking through my new hood with this tune in my head....it's the perfect summer song

Friday, May 02, 2008