Wednesday, July 30, 2008

1 1/2 week half in writing - Darjeeling to Bangkok...

I started this post in Darjeeling but was got so sick that it's ending in Bangkok [hopefully]

To be honest I don't remember how I got from Darjeeling to Bangkok but I am going to do a quick recap:

Darjeeling - I wanted to leave that afternoon but a Gorkha women was shot, I watched a house burn up, cars on fire and my fave bakery gleanaries get smashed... - a slight fever happened so I drank alot of ice tea. Finally managed to post alot of letters to my friends and families [please send you address so I can post more!]

2nd Day - I had a very bad bad fever - and severe vomiting etc... I couldn't leave my bed so I didn't make it to the ticket office.

3rd day - protest are still continuing from that women who got shot - it took me over an hr to walk down the hill because I was so sick to pick up the tickets - the door was closed the owner was outside looking nervous I was quickly ushered inside - with the doors locked behind me and given my ticket. I was sooo ill I had to take a cab up the hill...

it was the most awkward feeling to hit by the Myst and chilling clouds only to be sweating profusely from a fever. weird.

the train to kolkata was hard and I had a plastic bag wrapped around my hand because I just wanted to vomit all the time and I thought it was best to use a bag...

it sucks being sick alone - severely sick as well. I wouldn't recommend it...

getting to kolkata was amazing because I knew that lovely couple was around and they would probably help me... Unfortunately when I arrived at 6:30am on sudder street all the hotels were quite bizarrely full - all the ones with air con that I needed to check in because I sweating and I thought I had malaria...
I decided to check in a posh hotel because I needed a good sleep and I had an early flight at 3:30am

After a 45min visit to my fave Dr. - he told me that I didn't have malaria but instead typhoid and it's going to hurt like one MF for the next 2 weeks...

I got back to my hotel - the 102 F started and this time I had a thermometer to check - so gratefully that Anne Marie and Kyle stayed with me in the hotel room and took care of it was really nice - they got me food, medicine and extra stuff that I needed for the journey.

After the flight from hell - with coughing, stomach ache and fever I landed in Bangkok checked into a shitty hotel and went straight to the hospital - [that my dr from Kolkata recommend] where I sat in amazement - it looked better than the UN headquarters in New York - in fact it was more diverse with sutlans on phones in white robes, really poshed politians, expats and spoilt millionaire brats. I quickly wanted to leave and find a hospital for normal people like me - unfortunately I was so sick it wasn't possible.

I do have to admit the hospital was efficient and in less than 2 hrs I saw a doctor and in less than 4 had results for a blood test and the whole works it was incredible - unfortunately typhoid takes alot of me...

I stupidly decided not to check into the hospital... but instead tough it out in a hotel room in Bangkok with the 100 pills - stupid move - its day 6 today and it sucks like hell. With the 104 F I am sweating in the air con, coughing enough that neighbours knock on my door, and my head hurts everytime I close my eyes - so I have to wait until pure exhaustion until I can sleep and when I do sleep I have pretty bad delusion I thought the CIA was after me after watching Xfiles on TV, the RED's where going to mutilate me after reading my tibet book, and i wrote my will...

With no one to help or check on me it sucks being sick alone - I would never recommend it.

I got 2 more days until I visit the doctor the meds are working - I get sick for shorter periods of the day they are just more intense, but the fact that I can finish this blog is a testament to the meds. I got positive spirit and vibe though and I feel like something good might come of this...
Okay gotta run - if you meditate please meditate for me - I really need it.

peace and blessings

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gearing up..

to leave Darjeeling - head back to the heat and fly off to start the internship...

to finish the last assignment for class - slow internet access means slow research. I am starting to learn a whole new meaning to the word patience.

to send out my top 5 - really excited about this since I haven't sent off a mass email update in a while of sorts...

to go to the bathroom - Kyle and Anne Marie the lovely couple i have been travelling with actually got me to take citricidal grapefruit extract - besides accidental taking more dosage than required plus recovering from the most terrible tasting medicine on the planet - it makes me go to the bathroom with a little bit more ummmfff.

Which is not what you need in Asia.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pick a boo...

I see you!

For the past several years of travelling to Darjeeling I have rarely gotten to see the mountains, not that I don't mind seeing the mountains. Darjeeling is the myst, moss and friendless and I prefer it to the view, but it's nice to have things spice up now and then...

And really who can resist that morning view from our hotel roof!

Monday, July 21, 2008

This one Jam.

I posted this song last year as background music to uploading pics in Lhasa. And this time while reporting writing I came across this video randomly on youtube and it's soooooooooo wierd.
I heart fiest + the craziness of Gonzales but this is so weird - feist that suit is ummm different.
Plus really excited that I found a really fast internet cafe in darjeeling...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feist on Sesame Street :: 1234::

It's been a while since I have posted on feist but major thanks to the MNFU for this video!

Kinda wish there was Saturday morning TV with fruit loops and milk in India...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It seems that my last assignment didn't get mailed over the internet yet... I keep thinking the internet is fast everywhere in the world but in the rural mountains of darjeeling it's not.

I have been trying to upload and reupload this massive 8mb last assignment for the past 1 hr with no luck. I think I am just going to drink some chai, go for a walk in the midst and then try again tomorrow.

DAMN SCHOOL! - I love you but it's hard to still do stuff from India with a team.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I heart this job.

I think I am addicted to stress. I have to be or is it the pressure of the work and the you-can't-make-these-situations-up-on-the-road-even-if-you-tried that i like...

  • Taking one participant t the hospital yesterday
  • In the midst of trying to juggle a private life with my family on the most important day of the year for Jam clan wedding in Canada with every family in the world in attendance - except me.
  • Triple checking to see if that participant actually has medical insurance - even though her insurance told us she doesn't
  • Double checking our debrief political situation in Darjeeling
  • Booking train tickets for Darjeeling because they are going FAST
  • Booking hotels in Darjeeling
  • Debating with our current hotel about room rates they are daily trying to cheat us out of some money because they think every white person has money
  • Running around the city booking a restaurant for a team members Bday
All of this within 3-4 hrs and I love every minute of it

I heart it all.
I am addicted to stress.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


A couple days ago I found myself in the town of Rajgir checkin it out for our team debrief.

On the way there my tummy felt a bit ill and I had to stop and jump out the train/jeep to vomit and use the bathroom.

At one point I went to eat the only meal I had in 24hrs at a nearby family restaurant - steam veg. rice - After only eating half a plate I excused myself to head to the competely dark toilet.

I take out my flashlight and soon after my body just exploded with pure vomit and "loose motions" After nearly 15 mins I was drippin from head to toe in complete sweat and exhaustion.

A rush of blood went straight to my head.

"Is everything okay sir?"
"Did our food make you sick?"
No - I have been sick for a while.
Achha. Okay - with the slight head noddle.

I felt really embrassed so I quickly paid the bill and took off - vowing to not come back to this restaurant of humilation.

Life for me has been pretty sick for the past 4 days and it was bad on the 22 hr train ride that in theory was suppose to be 13 hrs.

Running back and forth between cities, toilets and bed. It's funny though to think that even though I am completely ill that I can't stop workin. If I stop then things don't move right now...

I do have a good co-leader who is quite awesome and she has gotten the balls rollin on stuff...
Quite blessed on that shit.


Sunday, July 06, 2008


But I love the pressure of it all.
I do have to admit that some people like to just push my buttons - just because they like to see people fail.

If you are one of those people are you are reading this then - BOYAKA!!

You can't bring me down. Gummi Bears are my secret weapon.