Saturday, August 30, 2008

Should I blame bono for this one? Yep it's his fault.

For the past couple weeks I have been slowly reading this book "Bono on Bono" It a series of
honest conversations between him and another journalist he's known since the 80's.

Well this book is literally kickin my ass - spiritually and emotionally.
There are some stories about his thoughts that shake me - and I usually have to come back to the book a week later - pick up my broken pieces and walk on again.

A little section about his 3 week stint in Ethopia, sleeping in a tent with his wife and working at an orphange/camp during the famine. This was in 1985 after the First Live Aid Concert.

Were people from the outside threating to loot the camp?

No I don't remmeber any feeling of aggression. The barbed wire was precautionary. I do remmeber a man coming to me with his child - his son. He was so clearly proud of his son. Giving me his son, and saying to me: "Please, take my boy, because if he stays with me, he will surely die. If he goes with you, he will live" Having to say no and having to turn him away, is a very... very, very, very, very, hard thing to do. One part of me did and, you know, one part of me didn't. That's they part of me that still goes back there. It's a more than uneasy feeling. If you just put it into your own world, and think about your own child, and it took for that man to say that it's...bewildering....

You did this right after Live Aid right?

Yes having got caught in Live Aid, I said to Ali: "I just can't get these people I'm seeing on television out of my head. We have to try and do something. In a quiet way. We didn't tell anyone we were going. We just went out, as it wer under the radar.

These experiences have clearly altered the course of your life. Everything you've been talking about, all the presidents, all the Popes, all the arguments, I finally realize that it all comes down to this.

I don't think I can talk about this anyore. Let's change the subject.

Powerful Shit. Especially for an NGO worker like myself - it makes your re-examine the reason why you do the work you do and it takes you back to the heart. It also made me realize that I need to share more about the personal stories that have really touched my heart. Otherwise they could be lost? Or should they even be shared in the first place?

Another reason I can blame Bono is that while reading this book I realized that I almost missed my bus and hopped on the wrong one back to Phnom Penh - after an hr - I clearly realized I was in the middle of nowwhere.
I rushed off the bus to find a crap load of Cambodians just laughing at my stupidity.
Also found out that I am stuck in the middle of nowwhere for the next 3 hrs waiting for the next long bus back home...

I still can't find out the name of this town but was I damn surprised to find an internet cafe and a cool pint.

Cheers to you Bono

Friday, August 29, 2008

A bit about me ::

I decided to finally post a bit about me on my blog.
My kid helped to inspire me.
Go Rob.

And I feel that it helps people understand just a bit more about this Jam guy.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It seems like a dull period in the blogging world for me.

It is.
It's the summer.
I am in Cambodia.
I am adjusting to everything here. In fact a little bit too quickly. It's scarry.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I love random emails from nev.

morocco was great. i would live there.
just got back from turkey (another retreat!) then with family in montenegro.. beautiful place, weird people.
back in london now and for the foreseeable future, need to do some work! been off all summer.. and feeling useless.

please keep in touch

the travelling world is weird - sometimes when you describe trips to another travellor - less is more when you know the person. Nev - my Egyptain Londoner friend is just like that... i love it.

P.S. Nev thanks for saving my life last year when I got AMS in the Tibet last year - I owe you a proper pint.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last whinning email about health...

But some crazy notes about the last couple weeks:

I lost about 15lbs and finally yesterday I ate my first full meal - a steak - since July 23rd.

My blood palatte count was suppose to be around 110,000? but apparently it got as low as 20,000 it was kinda scarry and I was pretty week

I slept today until 6pm after going to see "The Dark Knight" the movie + 3hrs of walking actually exhausted me...

I sent most of my clothes to wash before the hospital and now they are lost - my really cool black shirt and travel trousers from my swedish friends that have been around for like 7 years...

I shaved after a month and got new clotesh last nite along with a carrier bike bag so I don't look like a gunatanamo deatainee anymore...

Okay off to the last Dr. Appointment and hopefully I can leave this country!!


Friday, August 08, 2008

My good mate is getting married today...

And I was sooo sick for the past 2 weeks that I didn't get chance to put together the overseas video for the wedding.

I have been making these series of videos with funny tidbits since June from the mountains of Nepal to Kolkata - kinda bummed about it.

Abe I still love ya mate and will have to think of something even more creative and impressive.

mucho love on this special day.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Final Prognosis :: Malaria + Dengue Fever

1st I want to thank the billion of emails that I got in response to the blog post! Seriously it did help to receive them after not being able to check email for 5 days.

Well it seems that 6 hrs after writing that last post I found myself shivering to the point in the hotel room that I just lost control of everthing : bowels, headache and things unimaginable...

I managed to call the ambulance and they drove me straight to the hospital. The final prognosis was NOT typhoid and that I was taking the wrong meds.
Well they gave me alot of other meds to flush out the system and hooked in the IV - I have given several IV's before but never had one - it was sooooo cool to final see it on me.

I found out that night that I had malaria and I had it quite bad.
The next morning I found out I also had dengue fever and that the normal palette count was 110,000 - my count was at 20,000.

I was told several things like I couldn't brush my teeth for fear of losing blood, that I should really move because if I fell - well that could mean very bad things...

The hospital was kick ass - I got let go today - and I am trying my best to recover - I have to go back to the hospital for another series of test in the couple days. In the meantime I am a bit slow so forgive me for the long email responses.
I took a 15 min shower and had to rest for 1 1/2hr after.

Again mucho thanks for the meditation - it really did kick ass.
+ my family really rocked for just calling me - it sucks to be alone when things like this happen.