Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Off on a 200km bike ride this weekend...

I guess working with a ethical bike company makes you wanna bike.
Leaving this morning to head to a beach via the cycle - can't wait to see the countryside by bike.

Wish me luck!
Really excited. Would like to spend pics soon.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stolen Post: Poor Levi

I stole this ENTIRE post from MNFU - Never stole a post before...does it makes it worst when it's a good mate? but this post is sooo damn funny... Well Abe I dare you to come kick the shit out of me - come to Cambodia, lets wrestle it up for old time sakes...


Poor Levi

September 3, 2008 · No Comments

In all the discussion of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy and what this does to her mother’s nomination I feel like there’s one figure who has been overlooked. Bristol’s fiancee and baby-daddy, Levi got a raw deal. I mean the 18 year-old grew up in a state where the governor didn’t believe in sex education aside from telling kids not to do it. Levi, if you’d only grown up somewhere that there was an acceptance that, no matter parents said, teens were going to mess around so they’d better have some idea what they were getting themselves into. Now you’re stuck though, staring down the barrel of shotgun wedding at the behest of a woman who likes guns.

Now Levi, I know you called yourself a “fucking redneck” on myspace. I guess that makes you sound tough. I hope, for your sake, that you are. See, your new father-in-law has a drinking problem and your new mother-in-law has no compunction about using her office to pursue personal vendettas. Watch out for these people, Levi, first Mrs. Palin made sure you didn’t hear about condoms and now she’ll make sure you lose your job if you screw up.

Good luck.

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Looks just like the sun
Looks just like it
Looks just like the sun
Looks just like it
He looks just like the sun
Looks just like it
But a breathing, thinking one

I sang this for hrs last weekend when I went biking on the Cambodian coast.
At one point I made a 20km dash to hit a well known creep-troll-robbing-bridge before the sunset, because two weeks before a friend was beaten and robbed to a bloody pulp.
I didn't end up making it and had to hoop on a tuk tuk half holding my bike outside until I pass clear of the spot.
I finally managed to pedal the rest of the way and biked straight to the pub.

A billion points and a pint for anyone that guesses where those lyrics are from?

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Monday, September 08, 2008

An insane weekend

I spent alot of time thinking this weekend away from the hetic world of Phnom Penh. I saw some crazy stuff the weekend before in the "Cham" province up north and well it left me a bit speechless.
Liz also brought up a good topic on sustainable development a couple days later, then the topic kept repeating itself at work. Bono, Paul Theroux, White Man's Burden.
There are over 2000+ NGO's in this city alone - you can't get away from the topic.

My mind has been wondering and I just couldn't sleep in the past week.

It's a field workers nightmare really. No one to talk to and do your friends at home want to hear about things like that??....also most the NGO workers here have experienced it at some point and don't want to hear about it or want to be reminded. It's a weird bubble here... More shocked that I feel like this because I have been working on the field for almost 10years and thought I seen it all.

So today I am back to work. Going through the emails and just moving forward - that's the best that I can do.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Browser

Was just released and I have been doing a half ass job reading the blue comic.
It's a bit more complicated for a mac user like me.

But then this pic came up and I was like wow - LTK you have a side project?

In other news [which 3xj] would love... I gave away my mac to an NGO in Kolkata a couple weeks ago so it's weird to be without for the first time in 7 years + The one that I have been given in the office is an old PC Toshiba laptop. At the end of the day I shouldn't complain because it is a basic working computer.

But since I have time to complain - This PC not even close to my old friendly mac... windows love to make simple things more complicated + they love to mess with your mind and with all the complications they create this dependency shit so you have to rely on them for any future help.

Now I have blurred the line between my childhood and my new computer.
Damn I hate when I do things like this.