Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pain + a little pooch bite...

My back hurts. I don't know if it was the 40km bike ride or moving to my new place [pics will come soon!] but at some point that day - I pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle regardless it hurts like hell and I can't move it all without severe pain. It's been 3 days and everywhere still hurts.

To top it off the next morning while biking in the pain - my neighbours dog came out and bite me on the foot - it was quite deep.
Now that hurts with pain, plus I have to get a couple of rabies shots and they are expensive here like $50 a piece!! That is insane.

I heard that pain comes in threes? I hope to break that curse soon with some good old fashion tea and late nite work. If you folks are the meditating type please meditate for me since I kinda need a little moral booster.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mail Call!!

The Post in Cambodia is a bit different than Canada. You can't get mail delievered to your house, only to post offices around the country. So our NGO has a P.O. Box in Phnom Penh, however we currently live in Siem Reap, so if anyone wants to get mail it's an additional 6hr bus ride from our town. Lucky for us their are work peeps that go back and forth all the time so the mail delievery will be semi constant.

But guess what I got in the mail recently? A small package from Little Lisa!! LL is my old school monday nite cupcake buddy and when I am overseas she sends me fantastic packages...

She wrote this letter in the East End Dark Horse Cafe' which immediately sent a wave of coffee anixety and old school neighbourhood memories. There are currently 3 other Canadians in the office and when I showed them the Maple leaf we all kinda stood there in awe - ohhhhhh a slice of home.

My fellow Canucks suggested that I laminate the leaf and pic - so I rushed out to do that and well it's a perfect coaster/reminder of Canada. Thanks LL! you rock.

Speaking about mail. I found this old letterbox in our old office. I snuck it on the moving truck to Phnom Penh and bam! One week later it's my desk organizer.
It's kinda cool - I can't wait to see it evolve.

The bottle on the right is part of my return to sender package - going with the "message in a bottle theme"

P.S> Chuck Klosterman kicks ass.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I want to do this...

by the river in a very small town when I am old.
It's a simple goal that I could potentially have.
The good news is that this pic is the daily life at our school.
It's not part of my job to read to the kids - but hopefully my goal next week is to :

  • sneak off unnoticed from my desk
  • bike 65 km to our nearest school
  • sit under the tree
  • whistle out loud to attract the kiddies [and nearby animals]
  • and read/act out a story.
Unfortunately that's not going to be a reality since I can't read Khmer [yet]- but meh... I know that I can get the first 4 steps done.
Well hopefully.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

When are you coming back?

I have gotten an email/facebook/call a day asking that particular question for the past 2 weeks. The best quote was from my friend Dan "it's getting cold again so I guess you are coming back soon?"
Dan associates winter coats with Jam - how bizarre.

I am currently trying to work out those coming-back-home details right now.
I love the work that I am currently doing and the NGO that I work for seriously kicks ass... so a definite answer should happen by the end of the week.
Plus the end of Oct is nearing - it's time for that top something. You can check out the old one here...

Thanks for the concern + love
miss you all

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Capture the flag in Toronto...sigh..

I wish there were something close to this in Phnom Penh...but there's not... 3xj have the best time doing this...

Just looking at the map today made me smile... I kinda miss my old hood.

But this morning thinking about Toronto I snuck into an old abandoned French house, found a old chair and sat down overlooking the temples and just read a book... it was soooo peacefully I didn't want to leave.

Friday, October 10, 2008

If you are having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 Red Ballons but my bling isn't one...

that's because my bling aka wallet got stolen last nite. I was kinda in awe/shock/now poor fact that it's now gone.
Last nite on my way home from my friends pad I was walking down the empty streets of Phnom Penh. My spider sense tingled off for a bit and for some bizarre reason I put my wallet in my backpocket, took the knife from my bag and put it into my other pocket and then started singing some BSS on the way home.
Some Cambodia servers was sitting on the promenade eating food after work and invited me over to have a drink and so I decided to join them and shoot the shit for a bit - I took my frisbee out of the bag and we had a really cool long distance game. Cambodians love frisbee, they love to see a disc thrown so far and sometimes traffic stops to watch you play... even though I have only meet a few Khmers that can actually chuck it like chuck

As I continued the journey I kept criss-crossing across the promenade to avoid big groups and then noticed a bunch of women at the end of street near the crossing. I attempted to rush past and then got stopped by one who then put her arm around me - next thing I knew I was being pushed by like 8 + women and I just fought it off and quickly hurried away from them. I got home and 1/2 hr later started looking for my wallet and it was gone. I rushed back to the women and well they weren't there...

It's kinda humbling for me to think because it's a reminder to a seasoned travellor that these "little" things can happen to me... it's kinda cool - except now I have $4 to my name, my bank card was stolen with no new one in site and all my money was stolen - it could be alot worse and I have been in worse shit.

I just find this all funny...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Snow Patrol vs The Police

I don't listen to mashups all the time - but this one is pleasant!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

have you ever?

had one more beer than I should have had...
got caught/pressed in a really nerdy situation [which is a common experience for me]... 
and didn't keep your mouth shut...

Well that happened to me last nite and it was fuckin bad with a capital FU - I immediately caught myself after and felt like a completely innocent asshole...

stayed up till 7:30am in the morning thinking about... then the guilt chewed up my stomach today in pieces...i felt like throwing up all day...
it's 2:30am right now and I still can't sleep...

their is nothing I think I can do to amend this - apparently that book is right - the tongue is sharp.
this is true on both ends