Thursday, April 30, 2009

The space between…

the last 3 months has been about the slow change that started in my life – the gradual change into what my heart needs to live.

  • I decided that I need to take some steps in order to become a more stable oversees worker and after 10 years of being a “professional volunteer” that I just had to grow up. This started to hit me when I got another year older and couldn’t afford the simple things in my life. i.e. a cup of coffee. I felt that this was unacceptable.

  • So I had enough of “starving” ‘and decided that I should get one of these things called a job. I applied for a couple overseas jobs that gave me the balance between morals and money – it came down to Africa and Cambodia and I choose home. So I am excited to come back here and start teaching in the fall for a pretty cool NGO.

  • After 7 ½ months of sitting behind a desk – I finally got out in the field and it’s been fun to do what I love doing, what I was born to do and what I thought I would be doing since Nov. The trips are pretty awesome and I am in love again with leading trips, especially working with a good crew.

  • I also fell in love with the NGO that I work for even more than before – the ups and downs have gone up in the past couple months and a deep respect has emerged. I will be really sad to leave, but I still will be here volunteering part time in the fall. This NGO showed me that I had to grow up and the fact that I was challenged [and chained] by my desk gave me a glimpse into a different world.

  • The time has also come to act and so I set out a one year plan to start and develop a new NGO. Something that I am really excited about. It’s one of the reasons I need a bit more stability so that I can put some of my own sweat into “laying bricks” for the project.

There are a slew of other things that are slowly changing my heart and I feel that my mind is somewhat coming back to normality [if that is possible in my transient world]. The fact is that I am getting happier each day about myself.

Much love to everyone and hopefully I will see you peeps very soon.

is still alive...

and is excited to be home in a month!
A serious update is needed once I finish these trips.

Miss you all and thanks for the amazing e-letters!