Saturday, June 20, 2009

National Post Podcast + Trini + Tobago

It's me this week:

Right now I am in Trinidad attending this massive 600 people wedding - it's 3 days and it's huge. Two massive bands last nite and much cases of Johnny Walker Black - too bad I am on those crazy antiboitics and couldn't drink.

In a couple days I head to the cuz reunion in Tobago - it's all the cousins from my mother's side and we rents this huge villa with a salt water swimming pool, hot tub and crazy soundsystem. I am just looking forward to hanging out with my cousins away from home.

After I will be grabbing a bike and just running going up and down the crazy coast of Tobago. I use to spend a week a month just exploring this island and I know the West coast in detail camping out on beachs and surfing, but I haven't biked the whole thing so I am going to give it a try.
I was held up by gun point a couple years ago at my fave beach so I hope things don't get worse.

The only equipment that I am carrying is a tarp, string, knife, basic food, bathing suit and my PEPY biking shirt.

Wish me luck yo!!