Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Stories - Crossposted from LTK :: Thanks!

I was going to write a bit about the summer in Toronto but stealing LTK's post because it kinda sums a couple days of weddings, cupcakes, shennigans and she is one of the best bloggers out there...

Toronto Stories

Here’ s last week in a nutshell.


I flew to Chicago. My dad grilled really huge burgers and my mom and I continued what is now a tradition, going to the gym together (she still kicks my ass).


I flew to Toronto. Nervous about seeing the whole gang again after 2 years of absence, I decided to start with beer with Jam and Chuck, who have been living in Cambodia and Sudan, respectively (I know, right?). We talked about going away and coming back; about trying to find yourself and finding that you are a short-tempered egotistical racist (Chuck’s words). The Red Room hasn’t changed one bit and that made me happy.

I stayed with my friend Rachel B, who is now Rachel C and lives in a house on the Danforth with some British dude.


We got all dressed up and celebrated the marriage of my friends Kate and Tim. The ceremony was beautiful and Kate was gorgeous. Leah and Pants belted out songs of praise and the whole thing felt holy and good. Also, special thanks to the girl at MAC at the Bay on Queen Street, who made me look good (and for free) while my make up lay in a gym bag in the trunk of a car in Chicago.

Really gigantic break between the ceremony and reception, turned into a weird beer-fueled meander around the city with Jam, Blake, and Adrienne (all dressed up) all afternoon.

On the subway some weird french guys literally pointed and snickered at us (I’m guessing it was because Adrienne was too hot for the train), to which Blake responded by picking up one of the streamers from the wedding and dancing around the car singing Lady GaGa. They looked away uncomfortably. I almost died laughing. Adrienne wore the best bright yellow dress in the whole wide world.

We also ate cupcakes.

The wedding reception was at the Captol Event theater in Toronto, and was pretty much the most glam event I’ve ever attended. I saw a million people who I haven’t seen in 2 years (all dressed up) and all the formerly-single people now with spouses, and all the married people now with kids.

(Image shamelessly borrowed from Blake).

Here’s the after-the-party shot.


Indian food with Chester and David. Ches is Dr. Esther now, in her first year of residency already, while Dave proves Geometry theorems all day long. They are a super-team.

In the evening: Church, which no longer meets at big bad St. Andrews but rather small, cozy St. Stephen-in-the-Fields. Our music people rocked the house and for the first time in a long time, I was able to belt out worship songs at top volume. More people with new babies. Our old pastor Todd preached and just like the old days, I scowled while he shouted —and then the day after thought of some things he said and though, “yeah, right on.”

Went to the Other Lisa’s house for a party for Jam. Talking so much my throat hurt. Afterwards a bunch of us walked to the Rhino for a last round of drinks and on the way there, saw a 4-person band playing an impromptu acoustic concert in an alleyway.

Romni Wools + yarn on sale. I touched everything and got some treasures.

I helped an old lady in a flaming red dress (with matching lipstick) cross the street and found out that she moved here from Amsterdam a long time ago. She gave me her address and I promised to send her a postcard.

I did with great relish a bunch of banal things that I used to do when I was still a student at the Dark Tower – buy bananas in Chinatown, get a spinagel in Kensington, ride the Bathurst streetcar. I basked in the knowledge that I am no longer at student at the Dark Tower.

I had coffee at the MoonBean and enjoyed having time for once. Found myself wishing I lived here again. Ran into Trent sporting my old pink bike helmet. Saw the new Star Trek with Nadine and Claire. It turns out new Spock is kind of a hottie.


More wandering. Got lost among the suits in the financial district and failed to find S for lunch. Ended up running into Rachel and having cheap sushi — ah, Toronto! Dinner at the McGhee’s with the Dining Room. Met Tirza and Robbie, aka “The Germans”, new members of the Dining Room who are actually from Berlin and who I plan to court as my friends in the fall.

On the last subway ride back to Rachel’s house I tried to summarize my week in Tronno and Joanna gave me a great word — closure. I finally, finally, figured out why I missed that city so bad when I first moved to Utrecht, even though the ‘trecht is clean and pretty and Toronto is dirty and kind of ugly. I love Toronto, garbage strike and all.