Wednesday, December 09, 2009



Attending church
I hear the sounds of hope
And see angelic prayers
Uttered in sincere abandon
Yet somehow that faith has abandoned me
And I just can't find it again
If I could believe I would
If I could return to that safer place
In a moment I'd resign myself.
Instead I am condemned
A prisoner of my own 'truth'
Left alone
To lick my wounds
And recognize
That there's no hope for tomorrow
That today is all we have
Yet I'm okay with that
I can accept a dreamless sleep
After a life long spent
In heavy toil
It to me is a comfort
Knowing that this moment is so precious
And no one can take that away from me
Not God, not Death
Only Despair
And I chase him away
With love, with hope
And most of all,
With art.

Denis Kucharski

My friend Kim from work passed this piece off to me. I love work for this! This piece suits the season in my life right now. Art is now my escape.


Conor said...

I like your post. And then it got me thinking about this one quote I had while writing my MA thesis last year. As you may notice I was knee-deep in the writing process haha.

"But the foremost reason I write might at first strike you as petty. I write for revenge - that time-honored but somehwat clich├ęd motivation. Living well isnt the best revenge, I can tell you from experience. Writing well, on the other hand, is."

He continues...

"Revenge against apathy, against those who are not interested in listening to the voices that surround them - wife, husband, brother, daughter, father, friend or nameless traveler.

Revenge against the bullets of assassins, against the wild forces that trample the earth, against the terror and tragedy that is in every life.

Revenge against the Devil and, pardon the blasphemy, revenge against God, for slaughtering us in the crossfire of their eternal quarrel"

Bob Shacochis (2001)

Christine Nichole said...

This piece seems to be full of raw emotion, with is appealing to me. However, reading a bit about you, I have a feeling that God's not done with you yet. Though I'm a stranger, I'm praying for you today.

Anonymous said...
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