Sunday, August 22, 2010

A photo day in Cambodia.

Some peeps at home were wondering what my day and life looks like in Cambodia.

And some folks here were also wondering how I can teach and also run a cafe.... well my entire day is alot of work but at the same time ALOT of fun. I enjoy everything I do a little bit tooo much and I get misty eyed just talking about my job.

So I decided to grab a camera for the day, say a thousand words and just have some fun taking pictures.

7:20am. The stormtropper aka (my bike) and I take the morning trip to work. I love motorcycling through the rural rice paddy fields avoiding potholes, cows and the random bulls.

. I arrive to work totally soaked from the rain. Crap. I shouldn't have spend 10 mins ironing my trousers in the morning.

My school - it's in the middle of the nowwhere surrounded byrice paddy fields in Cambodia. I heart the serene views everday.

Alot of our students bicycles - they were smart enough to bring raincoast.

Math time with the little kiddies. It's the first week back at teaching and my job is just sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. My kids are super cute and really passionate about learning.

Walking my kids to meet there parents after school. Did I mention this is one of the best jobs I ever had?

One of my kids going home on the back of the bicycle.
Our school works with low income families - did I mention that this job just kicks ass?

5:30pm: After a long day at work back at the country home (according to Loven) - a rushed suitcase packed for the nite.
I head into the city 3 times a week to catch up with friends and for ArtDeli shennignans. Before I leave Doggywoggy (the dog on the right) and I have one more play time.

6:15pm: Meet at ArtDeli and take one of my staff out on a restock field trip for drinks. We hit 4 stores to find all our beers and sadly some are no longer stocked in Cambodia aka Asahi.

7:45pm: Quick dinner with the other KG teacher - it's nice to have a relaxing time out of work to destress the stress.

8:25pm: ArtDeli with some friends from Toronto who are in town. They spent a week volunteering at a farm right outside the city - Steven is one of the producers for Departures a travel junkie show and I met my match. His travel stories are even more insane than mine.

10pm: A final wave at ArtDeli and time for bed.
Goodnite and this time the bedbugs will NOT bite.