Friday, October 15, 2010

Brother David you got fat.

How can I describe the last week of my life? Even I am stumped to believe it and really blessed that I get to enjoy it.

India: I found a flight to Kolkata for $250 return for a week - so I hopped on baord the Kolkata Express and headed home.

Home: On my return I heard that my old volunteer house was being closed for renovations so I quickly headed over. I walked right in - nervously not knowing what to expect and the sisters were theatrically standing there looking straight at the entrance in deep thought. Within 3 seconds one bettled out "Brother David you got fat." It was like something out of a movie.
I did the traditional greeted and smiled.
I knew I was home.

It turned out that they were closed for voluteering but they still needed help the next day cleaning the house. I was the only forienger they offered it to - so it was nice to hangout with them for a couple days and help clean Kalighat. It's never been emptied since Mother Teresea took it over so we were all a little nostalgic and for an hr I just sat on the roof in awe. It was my job to run around Kalighat and just take everything down on the walls it took all day!

It was really weird to take down the project that Jenn and I worked on over 6 years ago and it was even weirder to go through some of the old files. It seems that over 50,000 people have used my charts to volunteer at Mother Teresa!

The city has changed alot and for the better. Malls, 3D movie theatres, boutique stores, highways and crazy concerts. I felt out of place as a volunteer.

I went to another place I used to volunteer only to find there was another team - and they were local - from India! It didn't make sense for me be there since some outstanding people grabbed the vision and are doing a good job to build capacity- it's just best to support them in other ways.

The entire trip felt nostalgic, like I was coming back home after graduation and knowing that is was time to say goodbye. It's an even better to place to visit but unless something else pops up I feel like I can be a good tourist there now.

I did one last visit to my fave book store - it's a just a huge room full of books, books and books! (it's the way how bookstores are meant to be) I spent hrs crawling/milling around, sipping chai and talking book shop with the owner. In less than a week I left with over 17 books

With only a week holiday the transition from slum to work was easier than I thought.
My boss thinks that I am more obessesed about dinosaurs than my Kindergarden Kids and she is right! For craft time we created stegasouraus and went around the room roaring at each other - it was really cute. It turned out to be cuter when they decided to wear them home.
My job is super busy but it really rocks - I love working and living in the field.

Then on Friday @ Artdeli we hosted Glee night! All the new epsiodes from Season 2. I turned full Gleek. The Cheesus could be the funniest moment in Glee ever?

Well that's a week and heck this even a real blog post.
Blessings from Cambodia!

P.S. Dear India,
Thank you for the pink eye and potential Gardia that is brewing in my stomach. I think I got it from eating to much, praying in awkward places and from loving the blessed street chai. All of this is much better than the Dengue and Malaria I picked up from you in the last trip.

Give me love to Gandhi, Buddha and Julia Roberts.
Sincerely Jam


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Conor said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Hope all is well homie!

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So good to hear your stories :) Hope you are well my friend.

Anna Elmira said...

JAM! This is great. I think about India often and get all nostalgic and stuff. You should update your blog more for those of us who are not on facebook or twitter or whatever...!